1 lb matcha- best place to find it?

I go through a decent amount of matcha with my smoothies, I am looking to buy it by the pound that’s decent quality and a decent price. I am familiar with cooking grade and ceremonial and I do buy the good expensive matcha but couldn’t bear just to dump it in my smoothies. That’s reserved for tea time only :) I once bought a pound of it off Amazon, and it was practically yellow, and was so bitter I could taste it clearly in my drinks. Any suggestions?

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Skysamurai said

eww yellow matcha just sounds nasty. I too would be interested in where people buy their matcha

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Lala said

I just put an order in with hibiki-an. I have never tried them but have heard good reviews. They have a few different grades for what I would consider a fair price. You could also try teavivre’s green tea powder, which is not quite matcha per se, but the price is also decent. I would really like to try aiya america but the prices are so high.

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yyz said

I have not tried any of there teas but Maiko has several grades available in 200g sizes and seems to offer them for a decent price.

You might also want to contact https://m.facebook.com/TsuenTeaInternational?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.ca%2F&rdrttps://m.facebook.com/TsuenTeaInternational?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.ca%2F&rdr

They are the wholesaler for Tsuen teas with offices Vancouver. They may be Willing to deal with you directly if you are buying a larger volume.

O-cha has some affordable options as well. http://www.o-cha.com/green-teas/matcha-powdered-green-tea/

Dens teas sells it by the pound. Again I have not tried it. http://www.denstea.com/matcha-c-122.html

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This may be a bit bias, but I recommend my company- Red Leaf Tea. We offer almost 20 types of unflavored matcha teas and our Starter Matcha is only $19.99/lb plus it has great reviews on our site and others. It’s a cooking grade matcha (organic)so don’t expect emerald colors and sweet flavor. Not recommended for traditional matcha drinking but great for shakes.

After I posted this, I just remembered that you sell this. I’m so used to associating you with flavored matcha, it slipped my mind. Thank you!

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I used to get this at our asian market and then they quit carrying it. It’s from Taiwan but I will say it’s pretty outstanding. You can get it on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Tradition-Powder-Matcha-Product-Taiwan/dp/B001T5GHUM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1414433285&sr=8-3&keywords=matcha I thought it stood up to even some of the best matchas I’ve tried.
Hope that helps….and it’s green. For smoothies you really can’t beat it.

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Thanks for all of your help!

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