Recommend an herbal tea that actually tastes good

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Max said

You could also try our Coffee leaf tea :) It has very low caffeine, similar to a decaf coffee. It tastes like a black tea without the tannins or bitterness.

Let me know if you want a sample!

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AllanK said

My favorite herbal tea is Cederberg Harvest Green Rooibos from Simpson and Vail. There is a tasting note for it in tonight’s page for my steepster page. I just drank it tonight and it is good, sweet and savory both but not too sweet.

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I have just had to start paying attention to caffeine. My insomnia has creeped back into my life in a big way so this has been a great thread to read. I have spent the last week looking for good caffeine free options. Here are some of my favorites so far, some have already been mentioned. A box from Adagio just arrived today with some rooibos sample packs so I am excited to try a few more.

Zingerberry Ginger Rooibos – Teavana
Lemon Chiffon Rooibos – Della Terra
Honey Dew Melon Green Rooibos- Lupicia
Rest Easy – Hugo Teas (camomile, mint, lemongrass )
Mint Verbena – Harney and Sons

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Ubacat said

My all time fav is Earl Grey Rooibos – PC Black Label but David’s Tea or Rishi both have very good Earl Grey Rooibos too.
Love David’s Tea Lemon Myrtle.
Plain peppermint/spearmint mix.
7th Heaven from Tealux
Lemon Merrengue from Tealish
There’s a few more too but can’t think of the names tonight…

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I want to like herbals. But most I’ve tried haven’t tasted good. Tonight I tried Adagios foxtrot. Love love it! It’s my favorite herbal- so far. It’s chamomile and peppermint in a roobios base. You can purchase a sample from adagio. That’s what I did.

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Lindsay said

I really like plain peppermint tea – like, it’s just dried leaves from a peppermint plant and nothing else. :) Especially good after a meal. I also like plain ginger tea, either on its own or with honey.

I don’t like the taste of chamomile on its own, but I’ve had a couple of chamomile-citrus blends that are pretty good.

I find rooibos on its own kind of boring, but there are a lot of flavoured rooibos teas that I like. Rooibos is a herbal tea that stands up to milk and sugar pretty well, so you can get a sweet flavoured rooibos (like caramel or chocolate or chai) and then add milk and sugar to get a yummy dessert tea.

Edited to add:
If you’ve tried some herbal teas and didn’t like them, check the label. Some ingredients that are common in herbal blends (hibiscus, lemongrass, licorice) are very unpopular with some people, and can ruin the whole experience if they’re present. So, learning to like herbal teas might actually involve learning which ingredients to avoid. :)

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Rooibos teas carry a more full bodied flavor that has the reminiscence of black tea, but without the caffeine. I personally like it because it can take the addition of milk, if you like, whereas many herbals just don’t.
There is an exceptional amount of wonderful flavors to explore in the realm of “rooibos”. It takes to blending excellently, so you get as much variety as in flavored black teas. There are even the less oxidized green rooibos as well.
Just search Steepster for rooibos and add flavors of anything that appeals to you in search. I’m sure you will find something you like.

I might also note that our Almond Orange rooibos tea is a top selling blend at our own store, loved by many who also do drink black tea with caffeine as well.

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My favorites are Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend by Verdant, Green and Fruity by DavidsTea, and Super Ginger, also by DavidsTea. I really like ginger lol, so my recommendations are a bit skewed toward ginger-heavy blends. I find in terms of rooibos, I prefer the green variety. It has a different flavor and is not nearly as scratchy on the throat as red rooibos (in my opinion anyways).

A good mint tea is also excellent to keep in stock, I have only really tried pure peppermint, so I can’t speak for spearmint. My staple is Peppermint Amour by DavidsTea.

Oh, and for a herbal chai alternative (without rooibos), check out Verdant’s Chai Spice. I love it so so much, especially when I want a chai before bed, as it doesn’t keep me up all night due to no caffeine :)

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zee said

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Gotu kola is decent

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