Recommend an herbal tea that actually tastes good

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Katiek said

Lupicia Caramel and rum rooibos is my comfort tea, but it’s rich (more like a black tea) but sweet.

For a lighter herbal tea, I like Yogi Mango and Ginger.

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Ha, I agree, not a huge fan.
Light’s Out by The Tea Spot is actually very good IF you add sugar. Then it becomes almost like a fruit punch.

But if you do not add sugar, it is so incredibly tart and disgusting (to me) because of the Hibiscus. I had rated it 30 and tossed it previously, but tried it again after a sugar recommendation, which apparently changes hibiscus to sweet/smooth from astringent citrus. Whammy of a difference.

For straight chamomile? Yech. I don’t like it by itself either

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