White Tea Brownies from Sanctuary T

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Thanks for all the loving of our brownies! They are our secret (not so secret) guilty pleasure. Although the white tea taste is very subtle, we love that they complement tea in a wonderful way…

And since so much loving has been given, we would love to still offer everyone the discount code for an extended time! Simply type in TEASPOONS into your shopping cart! We will keep this available for until the end of this week (Saturday!)

@ Jason, thanks so much for everything and safe travels.

YAY for autumn and lovely teas

Cofftea said

I’ll be caving again on Sat.!

I will be caving too :-). Thanks so much for doing this!

don’t do this to me. I am going to an art class next week and I can’t afford to be spending more money on tea… Of course, I will end up buying more of these because they are SO GOOD.

Cofftea said

RE: “I can’t afford to be spending more money on tea” …good thing they aren’t tea.:) I know what you mean though. But realistically I’d buy more w/in a couple weeks anyway so buying them Sat is saving me $.

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Cofftea said

For anyone that missed the sale extension (or maybe those that didn’t and know how good they are!), use code COSYTEATIME for 20% off ANY order TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY! I could have put this in the misc. tea thread, but no other misc. company has tea brownies!:)

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Jillian said

Dammit, stop taunting me with all the good things I can’t have because I live in Canada and they don’t ship there! *grumbles *

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