Tea Vivre Gift Card draw!

Hello Steepster! Tea Vivre has generously provided me with 15 x $5 Gift Cards to give away for Black Friday! Enter at teawithpolly.wordpress.com http://wp.me/p4er6a-nt
Winners will be announced Friday November 28, 2014. Open to all!
Good luck!

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How exactly are we supposed to follow your blog? Clicking “view link” just takes me to your blog’s main page.

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Hello adagio breeze,
I believe there is (or should be) a “Follow” button on the bottom right of this page http://wp.me/p4er6a-nt . If you can’t find it, would you mind letting me know? I can see it when I go there, but I’m not sure if everyone else can. If it doesn’t work, I certainly want to fix it.
Thanks for the alert!

Ah, I see it! It was probably there all along and I’ve just tuned out the website floater things, hah.

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Great! Glad you found it! Good luck in the draw!

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