Overboard TTB--Closed and ON THE MOVE!!!

Hey all! I’m going to be starting up a new traveling tea box called Overboard TTB. It will start right after Black Friday. You can either get rid of the last bits of teas you have to make room for your crazy Black Friday purchases (or, in my case, oh-my-gosh-Butiki-is-closing purchases) or share some of what you went overboard on during the sales!

If you end up liking something you sample, feel free to pull out as much as you want of it. I’d love to see what everyone is keeping/adding here in the thread, but we’ll also be keeping a spreadsheet of what goes in and what comes out.

It’s a great idea to take a look at the wish lists of the next few people after you to see if you have anything they’d like to try.
I’ll be taking signups this week and next week but hope to be done with signups by November 23rd so that I’ll have time to get the mailing order set up and all that. For the first round, let’s keep this one in the U.S. (since this is my first box). If we make it successfully through the first round, then maybe we will open it up to Canada.

You need to have a decent number of tasting notes and regular activity on the site in order to participate. We don’t want any super new people getting excited when they sign up and then later jeopardizing the box by either not sending it on or taking too much/not adding enough to the box.

Now, for the rules! I won’t lie…I definitely pieced these together from other TTB signup threads!

*You MUST get a tracking number when you send the package. THIS IS REQUIRED. Once the package is out in the mail, send the tracking number to me and to the next person on the list. DO NOT post the tracking number for privacy reasons.

*Try to keep the box no longer than a week so we can keep it moving along at a fairly good pace.

*If the box is too beat up when it gets to you, please replace it before sending it to the next person. Try to keep the box around the same size so that there aren’t any drastic changes in shipping. Also, please DO NOT use a USPS priority box because that will force others to pay the priority mail price (or risk losing the box in the mail).

*Once the order is posted, follow 2 or 3 people before you in the list and the 2 or 3 people after you. When the box gets to you, contact the next person in line to make sure they are still committed and get their address. If you do not get a response within 3 days, let me know and we will skip that person and move on to the next person. I will follow everyone on the list, and everyone on the list needs to follow me.

*Please do tasting notes for every new tea that you try.

*Please add at least as much tea as you remove, but don’t include heavy accessory things (such as tins). Each tea you include should be labeled with the tea name and brand, at minimum. If possible, also include the recommended steep time and temp.

*Double-bag any strongly scented teas so that their smells won’t transfer to other teas in the box. You can also wrap the bags in tin foil if the tea is really strong. Let’s avoid really smoky teas.

If you’d like to be a part of this box, reply with what state you’re in and any dates that you would not be able to receive the box (due to vacations or whatever else) so I can start working on a mailing order. Also, let me know if you think I’ve missed anything in the rules or if you’d like to see another rule considered.

I’m super excited to share teas with everyone and have a chance to switch up my stash a bit!

Participants (MAILING ORDER):
rosebudmelissa (Maryland)
jeweledthumb (Maryland)
Veronica (New Jersey)
dort (New York) SKIPPED
AllanK (New York)
Arshness (Alabama) SKIPPED
carol who (Illinois)
Inkling (Wisconsin)
Skysamurai (Minnesota)
beelicious (California)
Flyawaybirdie (California) currently sampling!
back to me (California)

Here’s the online list of teas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p99dBjhJX4il6EXSYlndTobaNDt6koDpldcgvCYrfpQ/edit#gid=0

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Inkling said

I would love to join! I’m in Wisconsin.

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I’m interested! I’m in New Jersey.

You might want to have people tell you if/when they’ll be traveling for the holidays. It’ll help you place people on the list in the best order.

Thanks for the reminder, Veronica! I added it in :)

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AllanK said

I am interested. I am in NY.

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carol who said

I’m interested! I’m in IL. No vacation plans. I was excited about the idea when I saw in the discussion post about ideas for new TTBs. :)

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I’m interested! I’m in California.

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Skysamurai said

ooo oo ooo raises hand Me! I’m in Minnesnowta.

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beelicious said

Me too!! I’m in California – can’t do the week of thanksgiving or the week of christmas :)

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So I’ve got 6 interested people (plus myself) so far? I can hardly wait to get this show on the road! I’ve been checking out all of your wish lists in the hopes that I can get something good in there for everybody!

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dort said

I’m interested! It would be my first tea box, and I’m in NYC

Follow me so that I can send you a message, dort :)

dort said


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I would love to join! I’ve been wanting to participate in a traveling tea box for a while now!

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