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Hi everybody
I am new to steepster and wanted to say hiintroduce myself and ask the community some questions.

I am an American currently live]ing in Fujian China and I have decided to spend the next year traveling around China finding teas. I would like to have input and suggestions from tea lovers around the world on where they might want me to go. Also to help find the origins of not only my favorite chinese teas, but others people’s as well.

I am also going to be making these teas available online and am associated with a tea company. I want to be able to share my personal experiences and the knowledge I discover, not related to the company here.

For example when I go to the Wuyi Mountains and see exactly how and where they prepare da hong pao- “Scarlet Robe.” I think the community might find that interesting and informative to everyone, is there a place on steepster to put that kind of info without putting it into a forum or feel like shamelessly just putting a link to my blog?

Any help or advice on how to become a good acctive member in the tea community is much appreciated.


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Wow Teafarer, that’s really exciting! And welcome :) It’s a pretty laid-back community

As for the logistics, Steepster pretty much consists of the forums and people’s tasting notes, but plenty of people put links to their personal blogs in both of those. Some people post an abbreviated tasting note here on Steepster, with a link to a longer review (or a video review) at their own site. You could either post a reply to this discussion each time you update the blog, or make a tasting note for the teas you try and link there. (People can then subscribe to this forum topic or follow you, and they’ll be notified of updates).

Does the tea company you’re associated with have their teas listed on Steepster yet? If not, feel free to add them.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about your travels, and some of the discussions that could come out of this!

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Wow, how exciting. I would love to hear of your adventures and see pictures. I would love the opportunity to try teas from the places you have been. Prehaps we all could live vicariously through you. Traveling through China for tea would be a dream. As would the tea regions or Japan and India among others. Prehaps one day.

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Mel said

I am jealous! How amazing. I really loved reading through Rishi’s travelogue of their trips for tea making areas and other books I’ve read. Please keep us informed! I am addicted to learning about tea. Good luck, I can’t wait to read the blog. If you go South China near Bhutan, please show how they make yak butter tea!

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Dan said

I surely wish that I could do something like you are doing. Just make sure you try all the teas you can and make tea notes for us to read. Good luck and be safe.

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Sorry I haven’t responded in a couple of weeks, I have been busy getting the blog up and running, as well as visiting my family. It has been over six months since I was back in the States, so I have had to visit a lot of people.

I have just gotten my plane tickets back to China, I will be getting home on October sixth. I hope to be off to theWuyi mountains by mid October. I have an open invitation from the President of Wuyi University, and also one of the leading people in China on tea and tea culture. He is an old friend from my work and studies in the tea program at the Agricultural University. He should be able to get me into the farms and through a bunch of backdoors. It should be an informative first trip.

Thank you for all your advice, I hope I can provide some good info and share what I learn along the way.

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