MzPriss said

(Mostly) Unflavored (and pu-erh!) Tea Box - Part Deux

OK y’all, I’d like to get this going again before the holidays. I saw lots of interest expressed on the original thread ( to continue. There is a LOT of tea in the box.

As requested, I have removed the Single Origin Teas. Y’all look at their site and see what you would like to include as they would like to participate in the box again.

I will give preference to those who participated before, and I don’t want it to get huge, but open to others as well – I think we need a 15 person limit – but am open to discussion.
The rules as stated previously:

No tins, please, since they’ll take up space and weigh it down!

The teas you include can be anything but please try to send teas that are good quality. This doesn’t mean expensive, just not things that have lost their flavor from being 4 years old!

The idea is to replace an equal amount of tea that you take out; try to keep the box about the same size when you send it on, but feel free to swap stuff out (or finish it off).


You must mail with the delivery confirmation option. Post updates on the box in this thread. Please add an equal amount of tea that you remove.

+ Also include on this thread what you added to the teabox and what you took out so that those of us playing along at home can keep track.

+ Please send the delivery confirmation number to me and the person to whom you are mailing the box. Please do NOT post in this thread with the delivery confirmation number for privacy reasons.

+ When you get the box sample (or decide what teas you want to remove to sample) and replace them with the teas you are sending on. Please only keep the teabox for a week or two at most…that should be plenty of time to try a bunch of samples and make a decision about what to keep and what to put back in.

+ Please make sure you are following at least a couple people after you and before you on the mailing list so you can give your address, get the next address and in case the next person doesn’t respond. Also, ask for the next person’s address as soon as you get the teabox. Check to make sure the next person is ready to get the box shortly before you mail it out because something may have changed – maybe they moved or are out of town or are indisposed.

If you do not get a response from the person after you on the list within 3 days, move on to the next person, making sure to let me and the person you are skipping know they are being skipped. If you cannot send a PM to the person next on the list because they are not following you, let me know. I will be following everyone on the list and you must follow me after being added or I will remove you from the list and add someone else.

Also, let me know if something comes up before the box gets to you and I can shuffle you around in the list – like if you are going to be on vacation or out of town when it is your turn to get the box.

+ Make sure each tea name and brand is labeled, at minimum. It would also be a nice addition to list the recommended steep time and temp. If it is something that isn’t found on Steepster already, please include ingredients.

+ If you put in strong smelling teas, please at least double bag them and even wrap in foil if possible to keep out any cross contamination of other teas.

+ Make sure the box isn’t too beat up before you send it to the next person and replace with a new box if necessary.

Most of my contribution this time will be pu-erhs, but I will also be keeping everything we already have in here with the exception of the (older) Single Origins.


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Uniquity said

Are you thinking of extending into Canada?

MzPriss said

It’s a possibility. We discussed it last time, but we didn’t get people who would be willing to do the shipping to Canada. If we get some folks and sufficient interest in Canada we can certainly consider it.

Uniquity said

I’ll keep an eye and see how this develops then. :) I remember there only being one Canadian participant interested in last time and I know how prohibitive postage can be.

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I would love to join again (NY)! I’d really appreciate it!

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I’d love to participate again!

California. Can only ship within the US.

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I would like to participate again! I’m in New Jersey.

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Dr Jim said

I’m trying to cut back on TTBs, and would prefer the pu-erh box if you decide to start one. If not, this would be my second choice.

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Same as Dr. Jim. I am in Alabama

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Cheri select said

I would love to participate again. This was the best TTB I have done.

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Cwyn said

I’m in, if there is room. I can do all puerh but I have some other teas too. But many of my cakes might be single origin.


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As far as the teas from Single Origin Teas (Hi, SOT!), I’d be interested in trying:

A high grown Ceylon
A low grown Ceylon
Kaporet Kenya
Shen pu-erh 2011
Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling Second Flush
Gopaldhara Darjeeling First Flush
Sench Mt. Fuji

… or, you know, absolutely anything else on your site. I’ve never compared a high and low grown Ceylon side by side, and I think that would be fun and educational.

I’m curious to see what everyone else is interested in trying.

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I’m in if this is still going

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