We are building a new website and could use your input.

Hey tea lovers,

We are working on a website update and redesign. And we could use your input on which of our proposed site designs you like the most.

You can go here: http://99designs.com/landing-page-design/vote-3×9xvn

Your voting and comments will go a long way to helping us make a decision. What do you like or dislike about the designs? Which site delivers the message the best?

Thanks for your help.


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I viewed these on my iPad this morning. My preference was for the page with the larger font (the one on the left on the voting page). Mainly because it was easier to read.

Also, you have the names of companies like Time, Esquire, etc. on there. I’m assuming those are supposed to be that you were mentioned there or recommended there or something, but since those words don’t link to anything it isn’t clear. I would love to be able to click through and see what they actually said. If that isn’t there I think it’s just clutter.

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