Sneek Peak @ our New Teaser Size!

Hey Steepster Friends!

We just launched a new line of tea sizes in order to make our teas more accessible! Even though our custom tins are nice (yes we are proud of them!), it is scary to buy an entire tin of something you haven’t tried!

So say hello to our new teaser size which includes one ounce (6-10 servings) of our loose leaf tea. Right now we just have our Rooibos Teaser Collection, but we would love your feed back! We hope this allows true tea lovers to give our leaves a steep!

Check it out and learn more:

Much tea love!
Sanctuary T

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Darn it…I just placed an order this morning. If I had just waited I could have ordered tea. I was too worried to buy tea because of the size so I only bought 3 orders of White Tea Brownies.

Cofftea said

LOL! Keep them away from kids, hubby, company, etc or they will be GONE! Just buy enough varietTEAS of tea to get free shipping on your 2nd order too:)

Awww! Well thanks for purchasing the brownies! :)

And yes, a good hiding spot for those brownies is recommended

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Cofftea said

Just in time to still use the coupon- yay!

Cofftea said

And I totally forgot to use that coupon. Crap. Oh well.

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cody said

Cool. I admit that not having a smaller size almost prevented me from making my first purchase a few weeks ago, but it turned out to be worth it. Now maybe I can try something I was less sure about…

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Hey All,

Thank you so much for your support and we really hope you love our teas!

The other teasers are up and ready for your steeping :) Please know that we are trying to get this size available for all of our teas so check in to see if a tea you are curious about has been turned “teaser”


Cofftea said

Gotta say I LOVE the name “teaser” instead of sampler, although you may want to cap TEA. Just a thought:)

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I wish you had these posted on Saturday! I would have ordered at least one more of them along with the brownies and 2 rooibos teasers I ordered. Ah well… I will save that for another time. :)

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These are so awesome! I have been thinking about placing an order but the price and amount seemed so large. I’ll definitely have to buy some of them at some point!

And wow… somehow i /just/ realized you are located in Soho. I’ll definitely have to plan a trip when I am close to the city again.

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