I wish I Had __________'s Tea Cupboard

I wish I Had __________’s Tea Cupboard

Fill in the blank…

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Cofftea said

Duh. EVERYONE’S! But especially those that have teas I have NO CLUE where to find.

Agreed! :)

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teaplz said

Probably Auggy, takgoti, and Carolyn. Just because they have tons of tea and choices!

Auggy said

Hey, get your grubby little mitts off my tea pantry! :P
Actually, I vote we join forces and raid takgoti’s.

LENA said

ooh ooh, i want to raid takgoti’s too! one samovar tea for me…one for you. two rishi teas for me…two for you!

teaplz said

I like this idea! I say we just steal her entire stash of Samovar and then see what happens.

takgoti said

Death. Death to you all.

I will incapacitate all of you and then raid all of YOUR cupboards.

Great choices!!! I agree on all of them!

Carolyn said

Can’t all our cupboards just get along?

takgoti said

Maybe we can get our tea cupboards to hold hands across America.

LENA said


teafiend said

Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?
That doesn’t work well typed and not sung.

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Ricky admin said

I wish I had steepster’s cupboard. Hey, that should be a feature. Steepster’s cupboard will compile every user’s teas and show the total number.

Cofftea said

Or better yet, in the tea profile it could say “___ people have this tea!” and “___ people want this tea!”

I like both those suggestions!

Anna said

Hehe, I just stumbled across this looking for something else.

A piece of Steepster history.

Angrboda said

Prophetic suggestion by Cofftea there!

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I wish I had TeaEqualsBliss ’s cupboard!!!!

awwwwww – well, I hope to share more of it with ya! Let me know :)

I don’t have fun or interesting enough teas to even consider swapping with you!!:(

Nah!!!! Never say that! It’s ALL good! BUT…even if you don’t want to swap – down the road – I’d like so send ya some :) If you want! I LOVE making the Tea Travel! :)

Well maybe i might have SOME you’ve never tried before, I’ll have to look! But you can always make tea travel my direction!!! ;)

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mrmopar said

i want the steepsters also! so many teas and so little time to taste them all!

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Bonnie said

I want mrmopars cupboard cuz of all the puerh!!! And Geoffrey from Verdant and David Ducklers and Stacy from Butiki. Amy Oh would be interesting and varied.

I agree to all of those :)

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Ubacat said

I want TeaWings cupboard because it’s so nicely organized with many different shaped tins. Ever since I saw a picture of that cupboard I’ve been wondering how to re-organize mine.

carol who said

It’s beautiful, isn’t it! I especially like the multilevel shelves on the countertop.

Ubacat said

I think there’s a light behind them too. Very cool!

TeaWings said

Ha thanks ;) You know it’s all just little bits of surplus shelving from the local hardware store held together with some glue and scotch tape.. it was basically around 10 bucks! (the sylvania LED lighting strips were a bit more though, there’s about 6 feet worth of them back there)

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Lala said

I would like to have the European tea packed cupboards of KittyLovesTea, Anna and Ysaurella.

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