Lindsay said


Ok, I have abandoned two different shopping carts mid-checkout today when the shipping charges came up. One was at, where I have a coupon code for 20% off from my November Tea Sparrow box. Their cheapest shipping option was $16.40, and this is a Canadian company shipping to a Canadian address. Seriously? And then I was going to take advantage of the 25% off deal to get a bunch of samples from Harney & Sons, but I guess their “free shipping” deal only applies to Americans. For me, it was going to be $15. SIGH, NEVERMIND THEN. Anyway, it’s not like I really needed to spend any more money on tea this weekend, so I guess I can thank these companies for helping me save my money! Just had to come on here and complain though. :)

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Anlina said

I feel you. I know Canada Post’s rates for shipping within Canada are really terrible – it often costs me less to ship the same package to the US, and it sucks for small businesses. At the same time, high shipping costs are a huge deterrent for me when it comes to online shopping, because I’m not willing to pay as much for shipping as for the actual order itself.

I do really appreciate when companies make an effort to keep their shipping affordable, and I wish more places would do it. Particularly when it comes to shipping to Canada – it’s clear that some companies will eat some or all of the shipping costs within the US but then won’t offer any discount on shipping to Canada, which is frustrating.

I would also be perfectly happy to receive samples through letter mail, in a bubble mailer. It’s so much cheaper than shipping in a box and I would try way more stuff if really cheap, bubble mailer samples were offered by companies.

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Lala said

I feel your pain with Canadian shipping. It is horrible.

On a side note, you are correct that Harney’s free shipping only applies to US, that is always the case with Harney in my experience. However, with the 25% off, that essentially gives you free shipping. Not as good as a deal as it sounds, but it is the best deal you will get from Harney if you live in Canada. Harney ships to Canada via UPS not the postal system. So their current shipping rates are actually pretty cheap for the form of delivery that they use.

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Have you guys considered filing complaints with your postal service? It sounds like the tea companies are victims just like you are – they can’t ship the tea for free and are losing sales due to the situation.

Uniquity said

Canada Post is bleeding money as it is. Postal service will either disappear, become privatised or just keep getting more expensive and less reliable. It’s awful. They put up rates substantially this year as well.

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We subsidizing shipping to Canada – and offer a flat rate $5.95 to any address – on any order. We used to just offer FedEx International (which was expensive but very reliable) but we wanted to be offer a deal as well to our neighbours to the north.

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