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Incredible Vintage Tea Set for Sale Must See!

I’m selling a beautiful Vintage tea set and the auction ends tonight.
It’s a 28 piece set, antique but unused!
This set has everything. Teapot, Creamer pot, sugar pot, cups, saucers, small plates, and a serving plate all in a gorgeous red velvet box.
The set is some sort of Asian import (I want to say Chinese) but the imprint on the cover is too hard to read.
The set appears to be porcelain (but I’m no expert so don’t quote me on that).

Please check it out and if it suits you, bid and buy! I’d be so happy to get this to someone who could enjoy it and my family could use the extra cash this holiday season from the sale. (I’m sure everyone can understand that, but I’m doing my best to improve our home situation as we’ve been recovering from losing our home in March 2013 to a storm.)

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them! I’m not an expert but I will do what I can! My seller record on eBay speaks for itself with 100% positive feedback and over 140 pleased customers.
(I do have one neutral feedback, but that buyer didn’t read the auction in which I clearly stated the thing she came back mad about. So you can buy with confidence! If my Steepster record didn’t also speak for itself as well ;) )

Thanks for looking! I hope this set finds a good home and I just can’t wait to ship it to someone who really wants it!

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