FREE SURPRISE GIFT BOX!!! 2014 "Pay it Forward" initiative

UPDATE: entries are now closed. Thanks to everyone participating! Will let all participants and donators know who they are paired with by the end of today.
Dear Steepster people… It’s time!

Time to be grateful and PAY IT FORWARD!!.

Just like last year, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ll be offering the chance to win a very special surprise box to Steepster members who are going through some difficult times or may not be fortunate enough to get decent tea during the holidays. The goal is to cheer you up during the holiday season :-)

And just like last year, I encourage other members to donate boxes as well… Last Chistmas was such a success, we got enough generous “donators” to cover every contestants, everyone who entered received something!

How it works:


You must be a US or Canadian resident. Sorry International friends, but I just can’t afford to ship a box this large overseas :-(

I understand that you probably don’t want to make your entry to the contest public so no need to post here.

Just PM me a request to enter, including your full name and country of residence.

This is based strictly on honesty, so I trust that you are entering for the right reasons.

Make sure to follow me so I can follow back, otherwise we won’t be able to PM each other.


Just post in this thread your desire to provide a box. Also make sure to follow me so we can PM each other later on. You will be “numbered” in the order that you enter. The main goal is to get as many donators as there are participants to ensure that everyone gets something.

No need to coordinate anything on your part except getting the address of the winner assigned to you later on. (I’ll let you take care of that part in order to avoid any confusion with the exchange of personal information).


All entries must be received by December 10th. On December 11th, I will prepare and proceed the old fashion way: name picking from a basket!

And because they did such a fine job last year, the draw will be done under the supervision of Dexter, Pixelle & Happy…my beloved dog and kitties ;-)

Winner #1 will be matched with donator #1, and so on, until there are no more possible matches.

I will PM both the winners and the donators to let them know who they are paired with so they can communicate with one another.


There are no rules. The donators may decide what they want to give or they can communicate with the winner to discuss it.

My box will be prepared in advance with a mix of everything, both straight and flavored teas. I send only fresh and good quality teas. There will be A LOT!!! Of course not all teas in there will please the winner, but that will give them some tea to pass later on in swaps or just gift to someone they know :-)

Don’t hesitate to PM me or post here if you have any questions…

Thanking you in advance for your participation!

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MzPriss said

I’m already putting together an awesome box – please put me down as a donator angel.

Thank you so much Missy!! That makes you the second donator, and I already know your box will be epic ;-)

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MzPriss said

Oh, mine will also be a mixture of unflavored and flavored.

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MzPriss said

Oh and my box will contained both unflavored and flavored teas.

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MzPriss said

Sorry about the double post – Steepster kept pretending I didn’t really post.

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Frolic select said

I just wanted to chime in and let you know how much this was appreciated by my friend who I entered on behalf of last year. She still talks about how amazingly kind people on the internet who’d never even heard of her were. It really meant a lot to her and she loved the teas.

Aww! Well that makes me really happy Frolic!! thank you so much :-)

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I want to say how last year this made my holidays so awesome! I was so blastedly sick and had no broke and was very much so on the verge of running out of tea…it was scary, tea was keeping me sane!

When I get back to my house after the holidays I plan on making a big box of tea for someone in need of warmth during the long winter. Thank you so much for doing this, last year was so awesome.

That warms my heart Amanda, thank you for sharing <3

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Add me as a Donator. I can only ship within the US if that is okay.

My teas will mostly be blends, maybe a couple unflavored. Admittedly, these teas were sent to me for review on my tea blog, but the teas are good quality and have been stored well.

Great, happy to have you on board, Thank you so much!

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carol who said

I’d like to be added to the donators. My teas will be mostly blends and flavored teas.
How much tea are we actually talking about?
I’d prefer just shipping US.

Many thanks Carol!

As for what to put in the box, like I said, I’m not making any rules…I’m giving what I can afford personally, everybody should do the same, no guidelines. Whatever is sent will be appriciated I’m sure :-)

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Anlina said

I’ll donate. Rather than do one giant box, I’ll put in three smaller packages. They’ll be as much as I can put into a bubble mailer and still send it letter mail, which is a pretty good amount. The winners can let me know if they have any preferences, and I’ll try to put together packages suited to their tastes.

That’s great Anlina!!! Thank you!!

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I would be happy to donate at least one box. If you need more than one, please let me know.

I will have all different kinds of teas: pure, blends, flavored, and even some tisanes.

Yay!! Awesome, thank you so much :-)

I have a lot of tea. As I’ve told someone else on this board, the words “a lot” doesn’t even begin to describe how much tea I have. So, I’m happy to donate it to a home that will enjoy it. So, if you do need more, please let me know. I may not be able to get them out speedy quick – I’ll start working on one now, though so that one will be ready to go when you get me a name, and once that box is complete, I’ll start working on another. Just let me know.

Lol, I know what you mean dear!! Thanks again for your generosity though, much appreciated. It all depends on how many people enter. Last year, there were 8 participants total I believe. We’ll see, I will sure let you know :-)

I guess I should have added also that I do prefer to ship within the US if possible, please!

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