Organic Tea vs Non-Organic Tea (Infographic)

Organic Tea vs Non-Organic Tea – Explore the complete infographic here:
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Looks very nice!

Just one thing, when you’re comparing the cost of organic to non-organic teas, you admit that organic is a few more cents per cup, but then according to the image, organic is 26 cents per cup while non-organic is 28 cents per cup. So the image kind of contradicts the statement here! :)

Oh no! We’ll get that fixed right away. Thanks for pointing it out. :-)


Hugo Tea Co.

No problem! I enjoyed your Full-Steam tea and look forward to trying some of the others sometime soon. :)

Thanks so much! I am personally the most proud of Full-Steam among all our teas. I’m yet to find a maltier tea on earth.

MzPriss said

Full-Steam is one of my favorite blacks teas. So good!

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looseTman said

I enjoyed 4 tins of your OMG. Full Steam sounds quite appealing. Will there be any promotions? Thanks!

Hey Sir,

I think everyone loved the Morning’s Journey (rip). We had to close that one out because our supply line wasn’t sustainable and we have moved almost entirely to direct-from-origin sourcing.

We just don’t do online promotions very often. It’s my personal belief that Hugo Tea is already quite inexpensive per serving given the quality (direct, organic, etc.)

We get asked this a lot—and people get upset with us. You can always find deals on tea because there are enough struggling tea vendors out there that will freak out and have flash sales and such to move inventory—we don’t want to get into that habit.

There are some stores in our local area that sell Hugo for cheaper than the online price, like Hy-Vees, who sell for $8 a tin, which is extremely competitive.

Sorry I can’t be of more help! Thanks sincerely for the support.


Hugo Tea

boychik said

i LOVE Full Steam, but i couldnt open the tin. it stayed untouched since June. who has time to struggle in the morning? while i love tight tins this is too much. i transferred it in another one. is it possible you sell your teas in ziplock bags, like refills. it could be couple bucks cheaper too :) Cheers !

looseTman said

Thanks for the tip. I look forward to a mug of Full Steam.


Yes! This is far-and-away the number one complaint we get. And I am sincerely sorry.

We will be changing out packaging to address this issue in the Spring. Also, we will begin to sell our best-selling teas in bulk online at that time as well.

Hang in there!

looseTman said

Bulk online – Excellent news! That’s how I buy most of my tea – cost-effective & convenient!

boychik said

So it’s not only me. Ok I feel much better now;). I would totally buy your teas in ziplock bags. Any plans participating in NYC Tea Festival in March ?

looseTman said


This is certainly something that we need to be doing. To be frank (and let you behind the scenes a bit), the online portion of our business is basically too small to count. It pays for itself (hosting, maintenance, time, etc.), but nothing more. The vast majority of our business is food-service and grocery.

Currently the online is there for passionate folks who already know they like Hugo Tea and who prefer to purchase online. That said, I do think sample packs will be an investment that we’ll make in the near future.

This is something that you can almost certainly count on!

Thanks for the tips and the consideration. :-)

looseTman said

Excellent! You’re welcome.

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Skysamurai said

It is indeed sad the amount of chemicals that go in to food …and “food” these days. Sure maybe it helps produce more food but in the long run I think we are slowly killing ourselves. Kinda disgusting how much companies get away with in the USA. Thank you for this.

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