TeaKlutz said

Holiday flavored teas!

Hi everyone!

So I have come to admit to myself that, deep down, I actually kinda do like Christmas. When I like a season, enjoying its associated drinks is part of my way of enjoying it (like my autumnal apple cider and pumpkin spice obsession.) I was looking for everyone’s recommendations for holiday-themed teas? I think the only one I’ve had so far is Holiday Spice by Harney & Sons. Thank you!!!

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CherryJam said

Haven’t yet sampled any but I was wondering about Harney’s White Christmas. Has anyone tried this and is it any good? Is it all spice and little tea flavour (being white tea).

Ost said

I got a sample of it from my last H&S order. It’s a super weak flavor. It’s alright. Would be soooo much better if it was stronger. I was rather disappointed. I need to try it again and this time steep like double the amount because it’s so weak xD

CherryJam said

Aha. We can only get pyramid sachets of this tea here and the 30 sachet tin is only a few $ more than the 20’s tin. But if it’s weak then maybe not worth it. Bearing in mind Harney’s costs more than double the price here than it is in the US. It’s $24.95 for the tin of 30 sachets. In US dollars probably just over $20.

Depends on whether you like white tea or not. Some people find that it tastes like nothing, while I quite like it. However, I wasn’t a fan of White Christmas because I found the cardamon to be quite strong.

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I like the one from my local shop a lot. They are in Phoenix, AZ…name is Souvia. They had their Holiday Spice tea last year, and they brought it back for this year. It’s pretty strong! Here’s the description from their website:

The holiday flavors of this blend will truly delight you!
Holiday Delight is packed with flavors of the season and makes the perfect cup for any festive moment!
Ingredients: black tea, apple pcs, cinnamon, cardamom, cardamom pods, coriander, flavoring, orange slices, pink pepper cloves Product of Germany Steeping: 3-5 minutes at 210 F

I got mine already for this year!

gschuschke said

thanks for heads up on this shop!! My stepdaughter lives in Phoenix and I wrote to her and asked for some for Christmas and she’s thrilled to be able to get me some. Asked for some of the Almond Orange too. Is the smallest size 100g??

I think you can get 50g in the store.

I have the Almond Orange and it is pretty good.

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I grew up in Utah, and the Queen’s tea in Salt Lake has one called Christmas Magic. It really is magic! It has popcorn, sprinkles, and silver chocolate balls. Just thinking about it makes me salivate :P


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The Pumpkin teas from Della Terra and David’s Teas.

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M&K’s Tea Company (https://www.etsy.com/shop/mksteacompany)has some fantastic Holiday tea, the Mintberry Pine was very wintery and the Winterwolf tasted like goji berry custard pie…it was delightful!

I need to try the other Christmas tea they have, and need more of the Winterwolf, a sample is no where near enough :P

I just tried a sampler of their holiday teas and the Winterwolf was amazing! I’ve already ordered more. :)

Amoda said

I am personally dying to try their teas!

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Sara said

My absolute favorite holiday teas are the green and black Christmas teas from Dammann Freres. The black one has maraschino cherry and caramel flavors, sooooo delicious.

Great rec…I just went on their website and ordered about 8 teas…I mean if I am paying for shipping might as well. Looks divine! Thank you!

Sara said

You’re so welcome, I hope you enjoy them! I went too nuts on Black Friday sales so I won’t be able to put in an order for them this year. Have a cup for me. :)

I’ll probably have to make a DF order as well, the teas in the advent calendar have been tasty so far. :)

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Dustin said

TWG and Lupicia both have holiday teas that I’m curious about, but haven’t tried.

I just opened my package of White Christmas from Lupicia today and really liked it. I also sampled Jingle Bells and Carol at the store and really liked Jingle Bells. Carol was good but didn’t really feel like it was for the Christmas season.

Jealous! I ordered from Lupicia on Monday and it’s still in Sacramento today, aww… :P I’m actually a little bit confused by Carol, as it sounds exactly the same as Yume (their strawberry-vanilla black tea, also has rosebuds).

To be honest, I think they just repackaged it for Christmas, just like the Joyeux Noel is a repackage of one other chestnut tea they offer year-round.

Yeah, most likely so… The Christmas tins are just so freaking adorable, I may have ordered them all. Innocent look…

Dustin said

Any idea if they have a year round version of white Christmas? The apricot and white chocolate sounded intriguing.

Cameron, I think that’s why Yume au lait is always out of stock around christmas season…it’s the same tea. I drink the decaf version at night during the cooler months, so on Black Friday I ordered 6 packages of the stuff….sooooo Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries!! NOM!

He he, I ordered the tin of the regular Carol and the mini tin of the decaf version. <3

When Starbucks first opened in my area ( 1998?) they had a Winter Blend tea that was strawberry and spearmint or wintergreen….some sort of mint. Carol reminds me of that tea……

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cookies said

I’ve been mulling over some of Simpson & Vail’s teas. I know I shouldn’t, because I never end up drinking the flavored teas I buy… but some of them sound so delicious.

The Gingerbread was really good. I bought some last year and finished the tin very quickly.

Holy cow, so cheap! Some of those do sound good too… Especially the St. Nick’s and Winter Wonderland. Hrm…

cookies said

That’s good to know, Gingerbread is one that I was looking at. Also a few of their non-holiday flavored teas. I think I might go for it.

Any idea how much shipping is? :)

Edit: Just checked and it was $5.30 or something for one tea. Not sure if it scales up with weight or not.

cookies said

Yep, they offer a few options. To me (and probably you since you’re pretty close) the cheapest is $5.31. Last time I ordered they shipped quickly and it only took a few days to arrive. Their packaging is atrocious though.

I think I may wait a bit and see if they have any kind of holiday sale. :D

cookies said

I don’t know if it scales up or not. I ordered 6 teas last time and it was the same. I was hoping they’d do a BF/CM sale but the only promotion they have is free shipping on $25 rather than $50.

I see what you did their with the “mulling” over holiday teas…what a seasonally appropriate verb to have chosen—whether it was intentional or not! ;)

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We just posted several in our line-up of December teas: http://www.52teas.com/december-teas/

Amoda said

Gingerbread house genmaicha sounds cool. Very unique!


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Amoda said

There’s so many delicious and fun Holiday teas out there. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of great suggestions :) We have a Christmas tasting box with 3 Holiday teas and 1 holiday-inspired tea. If you like to sample, you could check it out. We do offer the teas in retail sizes, but a lot of people opt to taste them first before buying a big size. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1Bj3NN2

I signed up for your December tea of the month box and I’m so excited! The Holiday Tasting Box looks amazing, I’ll probably end up buying that too unless the teas overlap a lot with the monthly box. :D

Amoda said

haha they’re definitely fun to get in the mail. It doesn’t overlap at all! The Christmas box will be available until atleast the end of the year, so you can check out your subscription box first if you want.

Awesome! The teas in the Holiday Tasting Box definitely appeal to me, so I’ll most likely pick that up as well. :)

…thought about purchasing a few teas from amoda but the shipping took me straight out of shopping cart. Looks like the Tasting boxes are the way to go with this particular company.

Totally! Plus most of the teas are in too large of quantities for me to purchase them without trying them first.

Amoda said

Hey, thanks for the comments! This is great feedback. We’re Canadian, so it’s definitely a challenge keeping shipping cheap to our American customers. Tasting boxes are a great deal for Americans though with our dollar doing not so great lately… May I ask what you typically spend on shipping when you buy online from American tea companies?

I think somewhere in the $5 range is pretty standard, though there are some companies that charge less or more. When shipping is $7+, I tend to either wait for a sale or plan to do one large order (eventually) to meet the free shipping threshold.

agreed with Cameron. David’s is even just a flat rate of $5 to my home

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