Max said

After nearly two years, coffee leaf tea is finally available for sale!

After nearly two years and lots of legwork, we’ve finally opened our online store!

Thank you to all the Steepsters who we’re with us along the way! The reviews have been great and it’s so nice to hear the feedback from you all.

If you buy samples before next Friday December 12th, you’ll have them in time for Christmas :) You can also pre-order a 50g tin of Armando’s Original Blend, and donate to our cause to help us fund this project.

Thank you everyone! So excited to see where this goes!

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PresMarkle said

Congrats and good luck! It’s really a very unique and quality product, I reccomend it to anyone who’s interested! :)

Max said

Thanks for the kind words, it is very much appreciated. It’s been a long road and we’re so ecstatic… aaah! Haha.

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