Skysamurai said

Do you like Verdant?

I just did their 5 for $5 deal and I think it’s pretty awesome that they do that. Especially with free shipping. But what I’m really here for is because they gave me two coupon codes I’m not going to use. One is for $5 off the first 3 boxes with tea of the month club
and the other is for $5 on any order but has to be used in the next few days. I wont be ordering more tea… for awhile.

First come first serve I think.

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cookies said

I’d love the regular $5 coupon if nobody else needs it.

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Kittenna said

Haha, I had the same problem when I made an order from Den’s Tea for their sample – got a coupon and enjoyed the teas, but the deadline I had to use it by was too soon!

Hah, yeah I remember that. Mine was the end of month or something I think.

Kittenna said

Yeah, I believe it was a month or so, but being in Canada, I wanted to try a couple more teas before making a (larger) order because shipping sucks. :P I still think the sampler was well worth it though.

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Uniquity said

I’ve got a $3 coupon that someone can use if interested:

It expires December 31st and isn’t very big, but hey – it is a discount!

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I have a $3 coupon as well, hit me up if you want it

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