carol who said

Brevile Tea Maker Coupon?

FYI… Bed Bath & Beyond has a coupon in the Parade Magazine that comes in may Sunday newspapers for 20% off. Last year I got my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker at Bed Bath & Beyond using the same coupon. The coupon does say that the Breville products are excluded but as I said, they let me last year. Most Brevilles cost $250 (with them rarely being on sale) which means you would get $50 off.

If you not familiar with the Breville Tea Maker it is awesome!! It is about the best thing available for making tea. Press the temp button for Black, Green, White, Herbal or Oolong. It automatically sets the length of time for steeping (you can easily adjust for brewing strength) and Voila! The steeping basket moves up/down using a magnet. It’s so cool.

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Reki275 said

It really is awesome. Futureshop had their’s on sales a couple of weeks ago for $180 Canadian, so I went for it. I love it so far, and that’s the lowest price I’ve seen it at in my lurking. It’s just so great to have my tea ready to go in the morning before work, or have a cup waiting for me when I get home. I did already have a variable temp kettle, so these are the things that stand out most. I do sometimes wish it could make just one cup though.

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