Misty Peak Teas has a new Harvest available now :) FREE TEA TIME

Hey hey everyone!

Misty Peak Teas just picked up our Autumn harvest for 2014 and it is AMAZING. This is by far the best harvest yet, I kid you not.

We are offering a FREE bag of our loose leaf tea, 30 grams, with any purchase of a 2014 Autumn Bing. It will be automatically added to the order, no codes or anything needed.

We are so confident in this harvest, if you dont like it, you CAN SEND IT BACK!

Strongest Chi of any tea we have produced. You will feel VERY good drinking this :) haha.

Try us out. Go to our online shop, www.MistyPeakTeas.com and get a bing. You can also use our discount code for 10% off


Enjoy and lets chat soon. You will love it :)

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Javan said

You had me at “Misty Peak Teas”. I love your teas, and gladly ordered one. Thanks, Jim

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Ubacat said

I’ve never bought from you before. What makes this harvest so exceptional? Is the free 30g the same tea as the Autumn 2014 Bing?
How long is the sale on? I’d like to get a sample and see how I like it first but by the time I get it (and try it out); there will probably be no sale.

Hey there Ubacat.

Thank you so much for the question. Tea is very much a crop, and with crops there are seasons/years that are better than others. When wine purveyors travel the world for the finest wines, they do not always go to the same vineyards because those vineyards do not have the same wine each year…tea is very much the same. THis is why you hear many folks saying, “2011 was a fantastic year, but ’12 was not as nice.”

In our case, this year is fantastic. A wonderful tea to drink today or to store for many years to come.

GIve us a good try, if you do not like it, I will send you back your money. THat is how confident we are :)

Ubacat said

Thanks for they reply. Okay, took the leap and ordered it this morning.

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DigniTea said

Sounds good. Just ordered a bing – always enjoy your teas. Thanks for the opportunity!

Bless you, thank you so much. You are in for a treat my friend :)

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Anytime this week is fine. Really want folks to try this season’s tea. Its too good

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This tea has a lot of energy, MeadowTea, Id love to share it with you. Haha, no way of measuring it, besides by comparing it to how you feel when drinking other teas.

Tea is more than just a beverage, thank goodness, it is a medicine and a way of helping us to feel better. This tea does just that. Give us a try :)

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Is this offer still valid?

Hey Tea Junkie. I dont mind opening it back up for you. Go ahead, I will make sure you get the extras as well :)

Great! Thanks! I’ll message you.

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Lumpkin said

how do I get the free tea sample?

Hello there. Shoot me an email [email protected]

Lumpkin said

OK, I will…thank you

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Wow. I don’t think I’ve read anything where the excitement was so tangible. How fast did you type this? I didn’t think I could read your post fast enough to keep up. Anyway, I’ve never seen anybody this amped about tea, and everybody here loves tea. You should drink some water and take a breather.

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Ubacat said

Received my bing today! Excited to try this new tea. I thought I was supposed to get a 30g bag of loose leaf too. That was the offer wasn’t it? I only got the bing.

Hey there. No problem. I can send it out anyway, happy to.

What is your name so that I can lookup the order. Or feel free to email [email protected] Thank you :)

Ubacat said

I will email. Thanks so much!

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Jas262 said

I just ordered a bing. I can’t wait to try it!

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