Best travel tea thermos with infuser?

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Tony G. said

I just bought the Truedeau Tea-Mendous Travel Tea Tumbler, and it’s worked great so far! This thing doesn’t leak at all, and the strainer doesn’t let almost anything through. My dream thermos is something that I don’t have to take the strainer basket out of after I’m done steeping, and I think that Aladdin thermos looks like it does exactly that. I might have to get that one next =) If you don’t mind taking the strainer out, the Truedeau Tea-Mendous tumbler is a good choice!

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Our dog Ranger gives his opinion of the Libre glass:

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Another update on my Libre Glass n Poly:

This company is WONDERFUL!!!! They really want to make sure their customers are happy! I am just a few days away from a working teacup! Thanks LibreTea!

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I did a little happy dance when I got home from work yesterday to find a package from Libre Tea! The new strainer and lid solved all of my glass problems and I am back to tea as usual, HURRAY!

Libre Tea said

Great to hear! Wishing you many relaxing tea moments!

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tobin said
keeps tea HOT, like really hot, all day long….

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Whitetea said

Libre Tea… You are not very accommodating to international buyers.. To ship to Sydney costs 41 dollars, for a 32 dollar product. Costing me 73 dollars??

I was considering purchasing it today but given the fact that I would pay more than double what everyone else does due to my location doesn’t make it a very worthwhile option.

Libre Tea said

Yes, we are aware of how high the international shipping cost is. But, unfortunately this is our actual cost to ship. We are looking at having a distributor in Europe in the future which would lower the post cost dramatically. We do understand it is hard to pay more in shipping than the product cost.

Whitetea, I’m a Hobartian and there is a local kitchenware store here that has a few tea thermos options, including the aladdin option mentioned above (I got one the other day!). If i can find options in Hobart, you’d have to be able to find them in Sydney! Though I have to admit my favourite tea thermos is DavidsTea’s timolino, which I got on holiday last year.

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I love the Noble Glass Travel Mug from David’s –

Works great. Just have to be careful not to drop it.
I have their Timolino as well – – 12 oz, since it doesn’t say.
The Timolino keeps it warm FOREVER, but it’s hard to clean by hand.

I love my timolino! I got a long handled brush to clean the inside, looks a bit like a feather duster, though with much firmer spokes. Also, the vinegar or bi carb soda approach described above is useful.

For those looking for a travel mug, I’d strongly recommend it. It keeps your liquid hot or cold for around 12 hours, has a rremovable steeping basket, space in the lid for extra tea for another cup later, and is very strong. I’ve dropped mine (or the bag it’s in) numerous times on hard surfaces like concrete and not signs of any scratches in the shiny blue exterior. It is also completely leak proof. I’ve not lost a single drop of tea using it ( except through excitement to get tea in my mouth!).

The one thing about it I’m hesitant about – along with the cleaning thing – is the fact that I notice the rubber bits of it holding smells. It’s a bit off-putting when I had Earl Grey in the morning and I want a Bai Mu Dan in the afternoon, but it smells like Earl Grey. So that’s the only time I use it now… do you have this problem?

I havent noticed that myself, but I’m not a student so I can give my a bit of a clean with hot soapy water after each use in my staff kitchen at work. I have occasionally noticed whites and greens in the lid taking on the smell/flavour of blacks etc that have been brewed below, so I’m more careful with the order of brewing, or just chuck the tin or bag and my perfect teaspoon in my bag so the second cup of leaves doesn’t ruin.

AmyTran96 said

I’ve been planning to get the Noble Glass, but I can’t seem get my hands on the 12oz. I’m also pretty clumsy.. would you still recommend it?

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teataku said

Has anyone ever tried this product from Copco?

The twist-to-stop-steeping feature really intrigues me, but I’d like to hear some more opinions of it. :)

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GatorTea said

I am wary of the glass walled thermoses mostly because of how fragile they are. I went with the zojirushi thermos as it is vacuum sealed and made from stainless steel. Most of the glass ones cannot be truly vacuum sealed because it would make them too breakable so they dont keep your tea as hot at a true vacuum would. Just some food for thought

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I much prefer the Asian designs for these.
many designs allow for better flow around loose leaf, and different sort of strainer/infusing.

I have one of these on order that I am just itching to try: Fuguang Youle Leak-proof Tea Tumbler with Strainer,400ml,random Color,yp-0616

Recently got my first 500ml Travel Tea Thermos / Mug / Tumbler / Bottle

Transparent with Blue Cover (PCH-01 US) by Mt. Kungfu

this is somewhat insulated. kept warm for about 5 hrs.

It is awesome, going to be ordering more to dedicate for types of tea.

Mt Kungfu has many fantastic tumblers you can view here:

as does the seller of the first style I posted here:

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