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Arrange tea swaps and trades here. Be careful about posting personal information publicly.

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I would vouch for [username] - tea swap credibility 271
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2023 Homemade Advent Calendar Swap 22
[US & CAN] Tea Swaps for US and Canadian folks - North America! 743
2021 Homemade Advent Calendar Swap 60
Package options for sending loose tea samples: tins, mylar bags or ??? 5
2022 Spring Tea Swap 40
Lots of puerh and yixings 9
ROC Yixing Meng Chen brand (1912-1949) 0
Free Tea and Cups! (and some Bitterleaf cups for a low price) 3
Zini Shui Ping 80ml 0
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2020 Tea Advent Swap 102
Tea Advent Swap 36
Swap full teabags for full teabags. 0
My Puer has taken a back seat - Garage Sale! 21
Swapping herbal/decaf/low-caf teas? 2
2003 Sheng Samples 0
Kuro (Black) Raku Fuji San Chawan Shoraku Sasaki Japanese Matcha Tea Bowl 抹茶碗 0
Teapots FS (Vintage Yixing and Taiwanese woodfired) 1