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Which new features do you want the most? 1648
Ricky said
On that note, I'd love a field to specific if the tasting note was drank hot, cold
Jen M said
(sorry, not going through 45 pages of replies), so here it is: the ability to upload photos to our ratings. Like a cup of it steeping, a pic of someone dumping it down the drain, what it looks like cold-steeped, etc.
pafrisoli said
where to buy or price points? (4) Steeping instructions should go with the original tea, rather than the review, no? Also would be nice if you could do multiple instructions - one for hot & one for cold.
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curlygc said
. So is there some timing sweet spot? You don't want to jump on people right away, because it takes time to get going. How old is too old? I guess I don't understand the rule b/c old spam is still spam!
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Eastcott & Burgess Tea Bottega said
. We recently ordered some Dragonwell from the same tea garden we normally do. However, to preserve the freshness we asked them to vacuum pack it and keep it in cold
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