This is the second try on this one. I found both the English Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast sachets at the grocery store and figured I’d give it a try as a cheap desk drawer offering for those days I need tea but don’t have the time to make a more quality mug up. I do like their Yorkshire Gold on occasion as a cheap tea option, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose trying these.

The first go of it, around a month ago, I found pretty lacking. Not much flavor. No real distinction. No real impression made. I didn’t steep it long, knowing that Yorkshire Gold goes bitter on a dime.

For today’s second round, I steeped an English Breakfast bag and a Scottish Breakfast bag together in my big mug, and I steeped it for about six minutes. It didn’t get bitter, but the longer steep didn’t pull out any more flavor, either. I’m still not impressed. The best word I think I can use to describe it is “muddy”. There just isn’t any nuance to this tea at all that I can discern.

I think I might “donate” it to the cupboard down in the lounge at work and stick to Twinings Irish Breakfast as my go-to desk tea for when I have no real time to do things up right.

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My very first ever mug of tea was Bigelow’s Constant Comment, when I was about eight or nine. We also always had Lipton when I was growing up. While I almost never drink that now, it was my gateway, and I brewed it strong and on the stout side.

These days I tend to favor black teas, but hojicha and genmaicha are everyday go-to teas for me, too. Anything toasty is good. I’m not a fan of vegetal green tea flavors at all, though I will drink flavored greens if the flavors mask the veggie taste. For the most part, I cannot abide herbals. I’m not a fan of red rooibos, though I do have a couple of green rooibos teas that I like on occasion. I’m not a tea snob by any means, while I tend toward loose tea these days, I’m not above drinking bagged tea as well, as long as it’s decent stuff.

My day job is teaching (middle school), and in the summers I work for our city’s parks department (swimming pools).

In my off time, I am a voracious reader. I also love music and movies. My tastes can be quite eclectic.

I’m plagued by chronic migraines and fibromyalgia, but I manage to be pretty functional, despite the curves they throw at me.

I’ve not much thought about a rating scale, but here goes, on the fly…

90-100: Tea that I like a great deal, or even love. Tea that I will always replace when I run out.

80-89: Tea that is quite pleasant, and wouldn’t turn down. Tea that would probably be replenished at some point.

70-79: Tea that drinkable, though not particularly special. Ho hum stuff.

60-69: Tea that I have to be in the mood for, and that I wouldn’t be lost without.

50-59: Tea that isn’t impressive, though I’d likely finish the cup.

40-49: Tea that I sip on for a while, trying to find something redeeming, but that I usually dump and swap out for something else halfway through.

30-39: Tea that is only just drinkable, as in any-port-in-a-storm. If it wasn’t a storm situation, it’s probably something I’d dump and forget.

20-29: Teas that get dumped after only a sip or two, because they aren’t my cup of tea at all.

0-19: Tea that gives tea a bad name. Teas that I can’t stand, I find highly inferior, and are just plain vile and nasty.



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