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The first matcha I ever tried served traditionally, as a whisked usucha (thin tea), and which, following some experimenting, I found I quite liked. Beware: do NOT follow T2’s preparation instructions. It uses about HALF the amount of matcha to water than is recommended by most Japanese sources that I have found (1 flat measured teaspoon to 150 mLs water – this is too much water). I recommend Marukyu-Koyamaen’s instructions for matcha here, http://www.marukyu-koyamaen.co.jp/english/enjoy/maccha.html, which suggest 1 flat measured teaspoon of matcha to 70mLs water.

Once I started using MK’s preparation instructions, I found that I enjoyed my matcha more. T2’s recipe makes for a VERY thin matcha, which was not as enjoyable, and in fact I found that the matcha tasted more bitter (less matcha + more hot water = higher likelihood of overbrewing and therefore more bitter flavours?). That said, once I found a recipe I liked, I found that I quite enjoyed this matcha. It has a very mild sweetness, and once I gained experience with my whisking technique, something approaching almost a creamy mouthfeel. I do have the feeling, however, that T2’s matcha is not quite koicha (thick tea) quality. As I try other matcha and learn more about the preparation, I’m sure I’ll review this one again. At any rate, it was a good introduction for me to the wonders of matcha, and a good reminder to always experiment in order to find what you like!

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