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I bought several kinds of Celestial Seasoning’s holiday teas, and after trying this hot found it kind of disappointing (although as others have mentioned, it smells fantastic), especially compared to their Gingerbread Spice, which both smells and tastes great hot. I had the rest of the box sitting around for the longest time and didn’t expect to buy it again. But then just recently I decided to try it chilled, with lots of sweetener and about 1 tablespoon of fat free creamers (mostly original plain but also some Italian Sweet Cream) for every 8 ounces, added to the pitcher. It was delicious!! Sometimes it takes me a few days to get through a gallon pitcher of tea, but I could have gone through this in 24 hours.

I’d used what I had left to make the pitcher. Now I’ll have to get more as soon as it appears in stores again, and stock up. It’s sold on Amazon, but the current prices for it there are ridiculous.

Iced 8 min or more

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♠I rarely drink tea hot anymore. Nowadays, most of the time I cold brew a concentrate for at least 24 hours in the fridge, and then use that to make a gallon pitcher full of chilled tea. (To do this, I first empty the contents of 10 to 15 tea bags into an empty 32 oz glass juice jar, fill it about 80% full of water, then put the lid on and shake it. I put it in the fridge on the door, so that the movement steeps the tea a little each time I open and close it. When I’m ready for more tea, I strain the contents through a metal screen coffee filter and then add enough cold water to fill a gallon pitcher.) Sometimes I use my favorite teas to infuse liquors. Hot or cold, I often like my tea with creamer.

I generally enjoy my drinks sweet. I usually sweeten my chilled teas with a combination of sucralose and Truvia, which I’ve found tastes better to me than either of them alone.

I only like traditional “iced tea” if I can add creamer to it.♦

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