drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
8 tasting notes

Sample from a friend from Athens120 ml gaiwan, ~2gr tea, 93+C water, 45 sec infusion + 15 sec consquent

Dry leaves:
Appearance very small curly, mostly broken, very dark, maybe almost black. They do look that they got roasted to a very high degree. They do look like a green and I could assume that it’s the same leaves oxidized and roasted, but I might be wrong.

Aroma is roasted and malty, it’s almost like smelling chocolate malt(for brewing beer) but it has got a sweet quality, like dark dried fruits(if that makes any sense). I can’t say it reminds me of WuYi because it’s a bit to the sweeter side. I totally love the aroma and I can’t wait to smell it after steeping! Aroma is more to the roasted side than the oxidized side.

Color of brew: Dark amber, especially the first brews and if you brew a little longer, then deep orange and almost light orange the last brews. Amazing clarity but it’s easier for this style to have good clarity.

Gaiwan lid aroma: Amazing, especially the first brews, sweet, smooth, malty, dark candied caramel, overtones of chocolate. Amazing I won’t even smell the wet leaves.

Ok I smelled the wet leaves, they have an addition of smoke and light wood-ish :)

Wet leaves appearance: They don’t unfold much because of high roasting. Mostly broken (maybe because of my friend?), many buds and some leaves. Almost black.

Taste: Not very sweet, it’s got some smoke and wood to but ALL the fragrances come through amazing. Intense roasty, high roasted/baked bread crust, I won’t mention the aromas again…

Sweetish finish, beautiful aroma once again. Not much aftetaste and a very very light astringency, maybe from the roasting.
Medium bodied, light creamy texture and smooth though it’s very high roasted.

Amazing red tea mainly to the roasted side, but you can really see that Chinese people really know how to make Hung Cha. Respect to the roaster/tea master. I wish I could buy some but it’s very expensive for me. It really amazed me!

So this time I’ll try to rate a bit more technically, always by style:
Appearance: 15/20
Aroma: 18/20
Taste: 18/20
Body/Finish/Aftertaste/Qi: 17/20
Extra: 18/20
It could be lower because today I saw the cost of verdant teas but I guess I didn’t pay for it so… :)

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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Love Taiwanese and Chinese tea.
I’m living in Greece, attending university studying Electrical and Computer engineering. Loving tea and drinking like 2 lt every day.

I usually brew my teas like 15 times each though at the end they are just water…because of low budget xD

Got 1 gaiwan that was a gift and 5 cups. Now 4, last night my cat broke one :(

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