I have a lot of respect for Tea Trekkers. They are honest, knowledgable, and dont rely on gimmicks to sell their tea.

This tea while good is more of an expiremental tea than a solid choice. As we all know the Fenghuang, Phoenix Mountains, produces wu longs. This is unique because it is a red tea from this area. So what does this mean for the tea?

The first is that it does have characteristics that coincide with pheonix wu longs. The aroma is fruity with a little metallicness. On the first steep it can be easily mistaken for an wu long. The red tea body and sweetness really comes out in the later brews as the aroma fades.

The aroma is guava with a little metallic, makes me suspect they used either Shui Xian or Bai Ye cultivar. Once that fades you get the classic red tea sweetness. The red tea flavor is flawed though. The tea isnt smooth, as red teas are suppose to be. The tea is a little matly with a sour raspberry taste. The smell of the gaiwan at the end was pretty funky like manure. It also leaves an unpleasent taste in the mouth.

This being said, these flavors are pretty small. Non of these flaws over power the general fullness and sweetness of the tea. I would suggest buying a sample of this tea. It is interesting to see what happens when wu long makers make red teas.
I personally wouldnt buy anymore but I can see how other may really like it and buy a lot. (remember I dont really like Fenghuangs)

Flavors: Guava, Malt, Metallic, Raspberry, Sour

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