This was the third tea in a gift set sent to me by a tea friend from Yunnan Sourcing. The first two teas were pretty bad, so I hoped this tea would be the one to save the day.

Upon the first aroma I was pleased to smell no flaws. The tea smelled light, with a little roast; nothing too impressive but nothing as horrible as the last two.
The taste more or less matched. A light roast with notes of orange, reminiscent of Qi Lan. This was the typical middle of the road roasted tea, no flaws but no great attributes. As I was tasting it though there was something off that I couldnt figure out then I realized it, this tea had no body. A main component for wuyi wulongs is their body, and yet this tea had none. I was basically drinking roasted water. I steeped it a second time with a slightly longer time to see if something would change.

The second steep provided some texture, another thing lacking in the first, but once again very little body. Another review called this tea perfumey and I think they are spot on. I think all this tea has is aroma., there is something else to it. There is a bit of funkiness to it as well.

For this tea I’m going to stop on the second steep cause I know nothing else is really coming.

Final Conclusion:
Besides for a small funkiness this tea had no flaws. That being said it had no positive attributes either. It’s like a normal guy who stands there doing nothing, whose breath kinda stinks.

Flavors: Oak, Orange

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