69 Tasting Notes

Been forever, past year was a tad crazy…
I tried the bagged version of this at a coffee and tea shop for free coffee/tea day. I didn’t really examine the package, but noted it’s by Twinings, and as soon as I opened it up, the smokey smell hit me. Wasn’t expecting that.
So I don’t know what I think of it. The black tea itself is decent. It’s quite potently smokey, even in its aftertaste. I’m not sure I want to taste anything smoked after the fact—makes me think I ate some kind of smoked meat. Will I drink it again? I don’t know. Most likely I’ll stick to Earl Grey, chai, and my other usual favorites.
I am planning on converting to loose leaf teas, but I need to finish up all my bagged teas, and I need to find my infusers!

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drank Earl Grey by Bigelow
69 tasting notes

I was feeling crummy today, so I went home early. I went to make a cup of tea and… the water was shut off! Once that was taken care of, I finally got to have my tea a few hours later. I grabbed a previously steeped bag of this out of our improvised teabag drying center (a.k.a. a couple plastic egg cartons with the tops cut off) and enjoyed a relaxing cup of Earl Grey. I love this brand, since it has the right amount of bergamot. Sometimes I add a dash of sugar, but not this time. I feel so much better now!

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drank Jasmine Green Tea by Twinings
69 tasting notes

I tried a jasmine green tea at a sushi shop a while back and really enjoyed it, so I decided to get some of this at the grocery store. It’s savory and mellow and everything I like, and it even resteeps well! (talking about the bagged version) A very good stress relief, as this week has been rough.

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It’s that time of year again. To prevent myself from becoming so congested that I can’t sing, I’m using everything from my neti pot to this tea with honey and lemon. I can’t really rate this right now, since my sense of taste is kind of shot. I think I taste the honey more than anything else.

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I have been worried lately about some things. My husband made me a cup of this right before waking me up this morning. He sweetened it more than I would have, but it was still very good, and a nice pick-me-up.

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One of my bridesmaids got the traveler’s tin of this (and the blueberry green) to put in our honeymoon breakfast basket.
I had some again this morning with just a bit of sugar, and it was pretty decent, but had a pungent grassy/metallic taste along with the sweet and savory. I think I prefer Uncle Lee’s.

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After reading a post by TeaEqualsBliss about a Summertime Earl Grey, I just had to drink something. As the post was about a peach-flavored earl grey (which sounds amazing!), and I love fruity teas, I decided to break out my Celestial Seasonings fruit sampler (I know, they’re not real tea).
Following my thoughts from the last time I logged this, I microwaved the water longer (still no kettle) and just left the tea bag in. It is a much stronger, but still mellow flavor. Someone mentioned it tastes like a sour peach gummy, which I sort of agree with. I think it would do well iced with a hint of sugar.

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drank Tetley Tea Bag by Tetley
69 tasting notes

We went to the Perkins at the location of our honeymoon and got a tea basket. Went to the one back home, and all they had was Tetley black, though it wasn’t in the round bag described above, but a regular tea bag. Tasted decent with a packet of Splenda, but I don’t care for unflavored black. Maybe I’d like a full leaf one?

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drank Earl Grey by Twinings
69 tasting notes

Had this at the French restaurant as well. I plucked a spearmint leaf off the garnish on my plate and stuck it in this tea. They seemed to go surprisingly well together, though the bergamot flavor could be stronger.

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drank Spiced Chai by Bigelow
69 tasting notes

We went to a nice French restaurant on our honeymoon, and I saw this one in the basket. It went well with the chicken curry I had, and I thought the flavor had a nice balance. It’s been about a week since we went, so I can’t completely recall the flavor. The smell of the teabag has a predominance of cinnamon and clove. Is clove in chai, or am I actually smelling cardamom?
Sidetrack: I tried cardamom gelato a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing! Any chai lover will adore it.

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I prefer mild teas, especially white varieties and fruity greens. Of the black kinds, I like earl grey and chai.

I have a degree in music education. I love singing and playing the piano, and someday I want to direct an awesome choir. I also love my faith, drawing, playing DnD, occasionally writing, and other things.
I’ve been married since July 2010.


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