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One of my favorite green teas so far. It may not be the strongest, but I don’t think the citrus flavor overpowers it too much. Granted, I love a fruity tea… Resteep was extremely weak and not worth it.
Also great iced, but it isn’t a strong one. A little sugar helps, though. It is a perfect refresher in the summertime :)

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I definitely tasted the mango, but the coconut seemed to hide from me. It was definitely fruity, which I like, but it seemed mild… I may not have steeped it long enough. One of the better ones I’ve tried by Stash, though.

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drank Earl Grey by Dammann Freres
69 tasting notes

Catching up on my tealog!
My cousin took me to brunch at Firestone’s last week on Sunday, and I decided to try the earl grey of this brand, which I’ve never heard of before. It was quite delicious, but I can’t accurately rate it since it’s been a while. One of the better ones I’ve tried, I think, as I recall having about 3-4 cups of it.

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Tried 3 to 4 cups of it today at lunch in DC. Bagged version, though, so I don’t know what the loose version is like. It was up my alley; a strong enough tea base without being overpowering (yay green), citrusy flavor and savory flavor from the ginko, which I could only describe as “leafy,” but not in a bad way. It’s a little less fruit-y than Good Earth’s green with citrus something-or-other, but still good. I see I’ve tried other teas from this company before and been satisfied.
The tea did get weak by the third steep, but that’s typical for a teabag.

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drank Vanilla Caramel Truffle by Lipton
69 tasting notes

Steeped this twice today. For some reason, the smell makes me think of a latte, and even though I hate coffee, I kind of like this smell. I like the rich but not overly dark presence of the tea, mixed with the sweetness of the caramel and vanilla. The flavor lingers for a bit, which is nice. Makes a good “dessert” tea, though I still prefer Pomegranate Delight by Twinings in that regard. I relax a little with this one, but others have a greater effect on me.


Not my FAVORITE caramel tea, but it is very good… even for me who doesn’t like most non chai blacks- and a bagged tea at that:)

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The water at the wellness center where I had the tea was not as hot as I like nowadays, so the tea came out weak. It seems decent, though I haven’t been too impressed with the varieties by Stash that I’ve tried. It was definitely lemony, though.

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drank Pomegranate Delight by Twinings
69 tasting notes

We went to Bob Evans for brunch, and as usual, I ordered the tea basket. I was intrigued when I saw this for the first time in the front, so I tried some. Smelling the bag, I already sighed with delight. There was a rich combination of tea and fruit just in the smell, and after the first sip, I was in heaven. The flavor was very full and satisfying and needed no sweetening. I’ll definitely get some to use as a dessert tea!
Second steep was much weaker, though, probably because it was bagged.

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I added three drops each of honey and lemon. Sure, it has them in it already, but I have a voice jury in 3 hours. Going to go eat a small lunch and warm up in a while, but for now I’ll just relax and focus my mind. I love this tea!

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drank Calm by Tazo
69 tasting notes

Made this at lunch and drinking the cold remnants.
I was agitated this morning, thanks to issues concerning my major. Chamomile seems to relax me when I’m in that state, but I definitely need to be in the mood—I don’t usually care for chamomile. I like the blend of herbs in it, giving sweet undertones.

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I prefer mild teas, especially white varieties and fruity greens. Of the black kinds, I like earl grey and chai.

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