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Good morning. What am I doing to myself? Drinking a cup of tea without caffeine right after waking up? I’ll tell you why. Because this is delicious.

The Seattle Tea Snob

Good morning? My dear perhaps you may be so good as to allow me to direct your attention to a time keeping apparatus.

Ashley Bain

mornings for her! she works nights at a hospital.

Erin Hurley

It’s the truth!


I think of it more as…Cheesecake in the morning instead of ‘no-caffine’ in the morning.

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So here’s another ASHLEY tea :3

I know you think you taste like pomegranate, but you taste like apples. Why didn’t you just tell me? I would still drink you! I am still drinking you! But you so not taste like pomegranate. I looked at your ingredients. It says apple. You don’t taste like tea. Juice. Apple juice. With hibiscus. I won’t hate on you though. You’re good iced with splenda, and I won’t put you out.

Ashley Bain

lol! your reviews are so cute.

Bigelow Tea

Erin, we certainly can understand your comments on the flavor being more of apple than pomegranate…..although you feel it is lacking the pomegranate flavor, we are happy you find the flavor enjoyable.
Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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:( But why is the rum gone? :(

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Just what I needed after a long jog :)

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I went there. I did this ICED. Cold steeped in the fridge overnight. Totally tasty!

Iced 8 min or more

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Upping this to 100. You know why? Because EVERY TIME I make this, I feel sad. I feel sad because there is less of it.

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New to tea. I make a big fat pot at a time! Loose leaf style!


Renton, WA

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