230 Tasting Notes


I don’t quite recall how this sample tasted other than it was notable enough for me to consider puting it on my shopping list.

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

Cranky tummy fixed by Happy Kumbucha!

There is something to be said about fragrant tea and an upset tummy. By the second infusion of this Oolong, I was starting to feel less bloaty, and grumpy by far.

Maybe it is the new tea basket I have, or maybe it is all the practice steeping teas that is making the process not only easy but somewhat enjoyable. I thought Oolongs were not for me, but I think tonight I might actually manage a third steeping.

Steep 1: Fragrant and deliciously fruity as well as marked by that wonderous gold colour that makes safflowers so popular.

Steep 2: Still fragrant, not as fruity, but a subtle creaminess is starting to come through. Still a delightful golden colour, like the rays of the sun.

Steep 3: I am not a fan of the third steeping. It seems more like coloured water, which is in direct contradiction to the scent and vivid colour – maybe it is the heat of the liquid in cup but this tea is still working to make me feel a lot better than last night!

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drank Mango Shade by Silk Road
230 tasting notes

Nope, I tried it a second time, and this tea although blissfully fragrant is just not a tea for me. I wish it were, I love m ango, but it’s more black tea than mango when steeped and that is just a huge let down for me. Esspecially when the leaves are so fragrant before steeping.

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

Mmmmm, iced is my friend!

I iced this bad boy up to help me through the Summer Program training tonight, I needed just enough caffine to get me to 9pm but now so much that I would be up all night.

I placed 3 tea spoons into an 8 cup bodum and added 1.5 cups of hot water (from the water cooler) and accidentally let this steep for a full 2 hrs before pouring it over ice. Not overly bitter, but the creamy note really came through this time; delish!

I think this will be my mid-day tea for summer!

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I am a bit of a cranky pants this morning and this was the first tea I reached for, I hope it is able to lift me from my duldrums!


Oh boy did it ever! So releived.

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drank Iced Princess by Teaopia
230 tasting notes

Nope, still not worth the effort…

I steeped this far less this time, and found that it was still bitter and there was a very distinct orange rind taste, not a light taste of zest but full on rind

The next and last time I try this one I will not double it when making iced tea I will stick with one scoop over ice and see if that will help this tea any.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

Oh so still delicious…

This tea is certianly my weekend pick me up tea! So for sure my weekend day start tea is this. Yumm! and this weekend I tried soaking the tea first in cool water; I understand this is probably not best for a flavoured mate, but it worked and I must say it did bring out the flavour slightly. I did notice that soaking the tea first made the chocolate far more subtle and gave this tea more of an amaretto taste as it helped bring the almonds to the fore front.

I can’t wait for next Saturday, already!

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drank Spicy Mandarin by Silk Road
230 tasting notes

I went to a few tea shops with my brother Saturday and walked away from Murchie’s with a Tuffy Basket Steeper and some new knowledge about steeping teas.


I am on my second steep, and loving every minute of it!

First steep was fragrant and flavourful, with lots of intense mandarin taste. While the second steep allowed for more of the spice to come through, so much so that I am worried the third steep might be a little flat. That doesn’t worry me since I’ve already gotten my money’s worth with two steeps.

3 min, 30 sec

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drank Iced Princess by Teaopia
230 tasting notes

Smells overly fruity but I am hoping to be pleasently surprised tonight when I make this bad girl up over ice for a bubble bath and a good trashy novel!

UGH! I over steeped this for sure! GROSS! It smells better than it truly is! But I bought 50g, so I had better make the best of it and try again later, I was hoping that because it was a fruit tea there would be no worry of over steeping…. …. aprarently not!

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I am not sure if I steeped this tea correctly or if I have just had too many caffinated teas today, but it is not my most favourite tea at this time, but still superior to other teas I have purchased from Murchie’s.

A second attempt later on, might be in order.

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I love to read and what goes better with reading than a hot cup of tea on rainy winter nights and an ice-cold tea on a hot summers day?

I used to drink copious amounts of coffee but that was just a joke, because I never drank enough water to flush out that one cup of coffee (32oz of water to 8oz of coffee?!?) and the variety in tea gives me what I need – it is not often I will drink the same thing twice.

Tea is defiantly more gentle on the waistline… Espcially since when I crave apple pie I can reach for a cup of “Mom’s Apple pie” or if I want caramel corn for my movie night, I just have to brew a cup of “Movie Night”…

I definitely have a preference for Oolongs, flavoured Blacks and a select number of flavoured Rooibos.

I love you tea, this can only get better as the extra weight continues to tapper off!

Oh, did I mention I am a reader, a childcare worker, a teacher, a friend, a sister and so many other things in a day?


Victoria, B.C.



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