8 Tasting Notes

drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
8 tasting notes
This tea has been be my current all time favorite. The first think you notice when you open up the bag is the smell of coconut. Its a sweet smell and something that brings me back to our holiday in Hawaii when my daughter was given a fresh coconut from the chief who was visiting our resort. I used it to make nice coconut smoothies and this tea reminds me of that.

The first few seconds after I placed my tea ball into my travel mug I noticed right away that a nice caramel colouring started.

After 4 mins and 30 seconds I added my sugar and milk. This made a lovely cream caramel colour.

The feelings I get with this tea are very lovely because of the memories it digs up. It makes me feel warm and happy, even giving me a soothing and whimsical feeling of being on the beach listening to the ocean splashing at the shore. The taste with this tea is amazing. I do not notice much of the raspberries, but they are there. The coconut is very strong in this tea so if your not a coconut fan I would not suggest you try this.

I did notice that adding the milk in it you get an almost smoothy like taste to it. I use skim milk in everything I think and I think if you added a high fat milk like 2% or higher you would increase this smoothy taste.

As for the black tea, you do get a good under tone of it. Its not bitter at all.

All in all I love this tea and can not praise it enough, even my 2 year old son enjoys this tea, though I do limit his in take due to the caffeine in it. I would highly suggest trying this tea, you will not be disappointed.

Word of caution, do not over steep. I found that the one time I did this the black tea made it very bitter. The same goes for under steeping it, you will just get a very bland taste. This tea does not “need” any kind of sweetener but if you are to add some I would advise against honey as you would add in a whole new level of flavor doing that.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Earl Grey by Tim Hortons
8 tasting notes

I found this to be a rather BLAH tea when it comes to an Earl Grey. It lacked body and taste unless you add some sugar and milk. I don’t drink it at all anymore but when I did I found that adding sugar and milk (2&2) made it smell and some what taste like fruitloops.

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drank Honey Lemon by Tim Hortons
8 tasting notes

This tea is a great make me feel better tea.

When ever I have a cold I’ll make a pot, add REAL honey into it and enjoy. It always makes me feel better, maybe not physically but mentally. ;)

You do get a sick lemon flavour if you make it with sugar and by sick lemon I mean a lemon cough drop. Yuck

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drank Peppermint by Tim Hortons
8 tasting notes

I’m a very picky mint person. 1. I rarely like to use it and 2. if its at all bitter I will hate it.

This tea is one of those, DO NOT STEEP TO LONG teas. I found after 4 mins it was bitter and nothing would change that. Not a huge fan.

I wouldn’t mind trying it at a lower steep time to see if I liked it a little better in the future.

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drank Steeped Tea by Tim Hortons
8 tasting notes

When I stopped drinking coffee my husband was heart broken because he had no idea what to get me when he went on a “timmy’s run”. I told him a XL Steep Tea would be just fine.

I have to say, I was rather disappointed the first time. Back when I first tried it I was a black tea drinker for all teas. This tea is not one I would ever suggest drinking black. It was way to bitter.

The second time around I asked for 2 milk and 2 sugar, this result was much better and has remained the way I drink it.

All in all the hype they made on TV was sadly over rated. Its an okay tea but its nothing special.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Tetley
8 tasting notes

A few years ago I was on a big coupon kick and received a coupon for Tetley tea. I was not impressed. Compared to Red Rose, I found it rather blah. A basic black tea for a basic price.


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drank Original Blend by Red Rose
8 tasting notes

For the last 3 years Red Rose Original has been my good to tea. I have always enjoyed this tea. Frankly until recently I wouldn’t touch any other type of tea. I recently started trying loose teas and while I enjoy those teas I always make sure I have a box of my favorite “store” brand in the cupboard.

It was always one my grandmother drank, so the memories when sipping this tea brings me back to when I was little visiting. I like it steeped strong, usually one bag in the cup and always with a little milk and sugar.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Today after breaking up fights with the kids, cleaning up the dumped plate the cat knocked of the counter and making sure all the pets where fed, I sat down with my first cup of tea. Today I decided that first cup was going to be La La Lemon black tea by David’sTea.

The first thing you will notice when you drink this tea is there is a very good punch of lemon, which should not surprise you, after all it is called La La Lemon for a reason. With my usual milk and sugar it seems to give it almost a dessert like taste with out being over sweet. Keep in mind that I use 2 tsp of sugar in about 500 (ish) ml of tea.

The black tea is some what over powered by the lemon and surprisingly with the amount of orange in this tea you hardly taste any of it at all. Some would say that since it is a black tea you would think you’d get a strong black tea taste but in my opinion I think it works perfectly as it is.

The only down side I have found is that 1.25 tsp is enough for a small cup of tea, for my travel which holds 8 fl oz needs about 2 tsp worth the tea to get the same flavour, but really that calling it a down side is a bit of an over statement.

The feelings I get drinking this tea on our cold winter months is one of summer, sitting with family enjoying a cup of lemonade while the kids and family play in the sprinklers while the sun beats down on me. A rather nice feeling when the weather is so cold.

I would highly suggest this tea if you are a lemon fan. I do caution that if you add to much sugar you will get a sweet lemon candy effect, so limit the amount of sugar or sweetener of your choice when drinking this. Further more I will be trying this later with honey, I think the two flavours would worth very well together.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

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Hi waves like a mad woman

Let see a bio, well I’m currently 26. I am happily married to my best friend who puts up with way too much of my silliness. We have 3 amazing kids, though sometimes they like to push that to amazingly insane but I still love them.

I’m a stay at home mom with the side company, I sew small animal bedding :D. I have a few pets, 4 guinea pigs, 1 black cat and a Yellow Belly slider turtle. Yah its a bit of a zoo.

Tea’s I want to try soon:
Almond Naturally Flavoured Black Tea
Irish Breakfast Black Tea
English Evening Black Tea
Egyptian Camomile Herbal Tea
Gynostemma Herbal Tea

I’m sure this this will grow. Right now my shopping cart has 4 teas I have on order that are being shipped to me.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



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