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It’s in teabags, but doesn’t seem to suffer from the experience! If you like orange, you might want to take a chance on this. If you have fond memories of “Russian Tea”, you have to try this. (Russian tea is a mixture of tang, instant tea, instant lemonade, cinnamon, etc.) It took me all night to figure out what it tastes like! This might not be a drink that suits a sophisticated kind of palate, but if you still like koolaid, give it a try!


::crashes through a wall:: OH YEAH!


This is going on my “to try” list. I’m still looking for a decent replacement for that tang tea blend we had so much of as a child. Thanks for the suggestion.

The DJBooth

Ha ha yeah we called that friendship tea and you are spot on with the taste!

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drank Decaf Peach by Adagio Teas
251 tasting notes

It’s not as good as I remember it being. It’s sort of bland and weak tasting. Maybe the sample just is a little old? IDK.

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Lately I’ve been drinking this tea using my new Libre tea mug. I just put the leaves in the bottem part, put the lid with the strainer on, and drink, keeping the leaves in the tea. It never seems to get bitter and is surprisingly good this way.

Russ Goerend

Do you have a link to the mug you referenced?



Hope this helps some!


I bought the Libre Tea Mug because of this post! :) It’s a gorgeous mug, but sadly it leaks! I’ve emailed them and hopefully they’ll send me something to fix it.


They dont ship to australia. I really want one. I got an eight cranes one instead and the bottom fell of the day it arrived.

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drank Sencha Yuzu by Rishi Tea
251 tasting notes

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drank Earl Grey by Lupicia
251 tasting notes

I like a lot of bergomot. This definitely has a lot of bergomot. I can’t say much about the black tea base, it tastes pretty standard to me, but the bergomot is delicious. (Have I mentioned that I love bergomot? I even wear it in my perfumes.)

It is one of those Earl Greys that stands up proud and strong and shouts to you in the morning. I need that.

If you’re not a fan of Earl Grey, this probably won’t be something you want to try. I’m probably going to purchase some of this after my current supply runs out. Can’t be without an Earl Grey!


I love bergamot too :) Have you ever tried “Honey I Washed The Kids” soap from Lush? Omg….it smells so good. Not too much bergamot, but just a little to give a sweet orange kick.



Oh yes!!! Love “Honey I Washed the Kids”!! I’m out of that, but I need to reduce the soap inventory before I go to Lush’s website. (Or walk in the store.)

At the Florida Mall, which is too far for me to go on a regular basis, Lush is right across the hall from Teavana!


LUSH is awesome! A good part of the reasons for my tri-annual shopping expeditions to Vancouver are so I can visit the store on Robson Street. I especially love their Tea Tree Oil Water and their bubble bars. _


Hehe, I feel lucky now…there’s a LUSH right next to my school! Whee! They have a new limited edition Honey I Washed The Kids perfume that I want to try…

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This is really, really nice, especially for a decaf. I had it with some vanilla soy creamer and sweetened it just a little bit. It is a little weaker than a non-decaf, but has a strong bergamot flavor and was just right for evening.

Robert Godden

It sounds like a robot!

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I think I’m the odd one out on this one! I really liked this tea. The jasmine flavor was definitely there, but was not as overpowering as some of the other jasmine teas that I have tried. I think this will become my new “favorite jasmine tea”. I brewed it in a glass mug so I could watch the pearls unfurl, which is always a fun way to spend some time.


Is this in the sampler (I was confused if GM offers 31 teas and they were all in the sampler, or if it’s just 31 of their most popular teas…). I hope so, for today is February 1st and I placed my order for the sampler this afternoon! I can’t wait til it arrives!!


This is in the sampler. I think that it has all of their teas in it. You will have a great time with the sampler. I’ve really enjoyed it, but my shopping list is now ridiculously long.


GM’s sampler is their entire catalog! How often do you get to taste a company’s entire output? This was pretty much the basis for my tea education (along with two wonderful swaps from Auggy and takgoti). Can’t wait to see what you think, Jacqueline! And I’ve been enjoying your reviews of everything thus far, fcmonroe!


Thank you teaplz!


Nothing wrong with being the odd one out =] I guess I do prefer stronger Jasmine teas o.O strange indeed, cause there was a time when I hated jasmine. Then again there was a time I hated Earl Grey as well.

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I’m a high school chemistry teacher. I enjoy most types of teas. I don’t have any tea shops in my hometown, so I usually order my teas online. Even though I’ve drunk tea for quite a number of years, ordering online for about 15 years, I am far from a tea expert. I just know what I like.



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