It’s wonderful weather out there today, nice, cool, somewhere in the 50’s…no sarcasm, I really enjoy the cooler weather. So I decided a nice autumn green tea was in store for today. The leaves are dark green, slightly curled and smelled like a lighter version of gunpowder to me. Wet the leaves smelled very creamy, milky and vegetal…kind of like a cream of soup or green beans that have been simmering in milk and butter.

I brewed this gaiwan style 175F starting at 5 seconds. The first and second infusion were incredibly creamy, milk and butter, with hints of green beans and hazelnut. A decent mouthfeel and a nice sweet creamy aftertaste. In the third and fourth steep I had a little bitterness and more green bean flavor. The creaminess wasn’t as strong but was definitely present. I probably could’ve shortened this note and just wrote creamy and been done with it!

I’m surprised how much different this one tastes compared to the Spring harvest. It doesn’t seem like it’s much different, but this one is much more rich and creamy. I have to admit that I much prefer this which surprises me because typically I like floral notes over anything else. This one was just so wonderful though.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec

That’s the same one I am drinking this morning! Whaddayaknow

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That’s the same one I am drinking this morning! Whaddayaknow

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I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s what I drink all day and why I’m here. I don’t sweeten my teas except for the occasional iced tea or cold-brewed tea. I typically brew my teas with a brew basket in a 12 oz cup. If I brew another way I will always note it.

Dislikes: black teas, milk flavored oolongs, hibiscus, red rooibos, licorice, dessert teas, mate, guayusa.

Loves: straight teas, especially Chinese green teas, sencha, jasmine, dan congs, mint, coconut.

My ratings are based mostly on the smiley faces. If a tea is of good quality but not to my taste preference I try not to rate it because I think that is unfair.

I drink a lot of the same teas and will not record every time I drink them. I log them the first time I try them and then again if I did something different and/or got different results.

I also try to keep my cupboard updated to what I actually have for those that wish to swap, although some of them are merely samples.

100 – http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea/32720-hand-rolled-top-grade-jasmine



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