drank Champagne Cassis by Tea Desire
1767 tasting notes

I’ve prepared this tea in two ways: hot and cold-steeped.

First off, the dry leaf is pretty. Colourful from the various dried blossoms and petals. The aroma is deliciously dark, like black currant jam.

Hot, I steeped this for not quite three minutes at approximately 70°C. The smell of the steeped tea is full on black currant. When it comes to the taste, it’s simple, yet elegant. Mostly black currant, but the delicate white tea base comes through a bit. The whole experience of this tea, from the first sip to the last, is great. It leaves a delicate aftertaste of black currant, sweetened blackcurrant. I’m sure the cornflowers are lending a sweetened touch to the currants here. The smell and the taste bring me back to my favourite beverage while I was living in Sweden: black currant sparkling mineral water. Do I ever miss that stuff.

Cold-steeped, this smells way more heavy on the white tea than the blackcurrant. I can barely (I seriously just subconsciously wrote “berry” and was about to add the “ly” to it) smell the currants at all. My previous experience with cold-steeping white teas hasn’t been so swell. They tend to turn a little bitter for me, so the aroma here kind of scared me.

But, it tastes fantastically cold-steeped as well. A perfect balance between the white tea base and the currants. Very refreshing for the hot weather we’ve been experiencing over here. Oh dear, I’m sure if I added some club soda to this, it would make a reasonable facsimile for the Ramlösa mineral water.

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