Am I ever glad I listened to my instincts and bought this one. It’s liquified fruity comfort in a cup. Ok, that sounded weird, but it’s fantastic.

Frank was very generous with the chunks of apricot in this one. As soon as I opened the pouch, I was hit with the sweet aroma of apricots and/or peaches. I can tell the difference between the two, but here, I swear there is both. Don’t get any cheesecake notes at this point.

The first steep was a burst of homemade apricot preserves in my mouth. I couldn’t detect any cheesecake, however, there was a noticeable creaminess that was reminiscent of whipped cream. And the Shou Mei is oh so delicate.

I’m on my second steep right now, and while the apricot is still present, the creaminess is virtually non-existant. Still enjoyably fruity, but substantially weaker than expected.

Love this tea. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another pouch if there were still more left next time I order. A billion thumbs up, Frank.

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