Thank you so much for the sample, Stacy! Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits, and it seems to be a tricky fruit to incorporate into a tea.

The first thing I smell when I open up my little pouch is buttery, buttery oolong. Maybe my nose is/was broken, but I could barely smell the pineapple in the dry leaf.

While I was letting this steep, the buttery aroma filled up that corner of the kitchen and it was utterly taunting me.

Then once I poured the coveted tea into my teacup, the scent of canned pineapple juice shows up to the party. The buttery oolong base is still there but the tangy pineapple juice sprang up to the top.

First sip, it’s like I added a few teaspoons of canned pineapple juice to my oolong. I can detect the buttery, very lightly floral oolong underneath, but with each sip, I am reminded of crushed pineapple from a can.

The floralness comes out a bit as this cools, but the predominate flavour here is the pineapple. Honestly, I was hoping for more of a fresh than canned pineapple here, but perhaps it’s just me. But it’s still a great tea. I’m especially fond of the base. I think I’d rather just drink the unflavoured version of this oolong!

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