Just a while ago, I was flipping through a library book and came across a bunch of cereal flakes embedded near the spine. Looks like someone was studying the Markedness Differential Hypothesis for breakfast. Appetizing on all levels.

I’ll admit that I had this tea black last week but didn’t write a review since I didn’t know what to think of it. But now that I added soy milk and a bit of sugar, it’s a lot better.

Before I go onto the flavour, let me mention how beautiful the dry leaf is. I absolutely love the addition of amaranth petals in here. The smell of the dry leaf reminds me of the almond biscotti my family used to buy at Costco. Not sure if they even make it anymore but it was super almondy, as is the scent of the dry leaf.

The milk and sugar really let the almond flavour pop. I can imagine that adding a dribble of almond extract to a cup of smooth black tea with milk will produce similar results.

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