drank Nirvana by American Tea Room
1780 tasting notes

Busting out the ole Guitar Hero/Rock Band equipment means that I’ve been banging away at the drums for hours at a time, trying to beat, or even come close, to my guitar records on expert mode. This further means that I haven’t been drinking as much tea. It gets in the way of battling with Tom Morello, yo!

My mom and I both love this tea. The dry leaf is packed with beautiful flower petals and plump berries. There is supposed to be kiwi and fig in this, which were absent, but perhaps that has to do with the smaller quantity I got. Maybe you’re bound to find them in a 2+ oz. pouch.

It’s nice and refreshing. Lots of berry nuances, tart but not too sour, and the base behaves itself. This would make an excellent cold brew. My mom exclaimed that she likes this one even more than Tangier. And then asked in the cutest tone, “Umm, can we get more of this?”

Yes, yes we can. But I’ll wait until a 20% sale and/or when our Canadian dollar is a little stronger.

This makes a reasonable replacement for Butiki’s With Open Eyes, except there is no ginger. I can see throwing some candied ginger into this creating a damn good replacement.

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