Ok then, so since this is the third time having this already, then perhaps I should actually write a note about it. When I initially picked up this tea three months ago (how did 1/4 of the year already go by?), it smelled like pure eggnog. Real eggnog loaded with nutmeg. By far the most realistic eggnog-scented tea out there. I was also excited about the orange peel in it thinking it would add a nice new dimension to the classic eggnog flavour.

With half and half, this tastes so creamy and nutmeggy. But now that I’ve recently switched to 2% milk, it’s not as good. It could be that or maybe that the leaf itself has aged a little more.

Three months later, the dry leaf also smells more acidic, akin to a cider. It still smells good but it’s not as warm and fuzzy as before. I’m going to have to experiment with this tea more to see which perimeters work best for it. And next time I go to their store/cafe, I’d like to try this one prepared their way since it’s apparently amazing.

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