drank Sweet Coco Dream by Tea Desire
1780 tasting notes

A coconut blend with pumpkin and carrot? Hmm, I don’t know about that, especially as a cold brew, but I grabbed some anyway because the scent of the dry leaf in the huge canister reminded me a lot of Hawaii Flower from Janet’s Special Teas, which I kind of miss having around.

I luckily don’t get any of the vegetables when it comes to taste. It’s mostly pineapple with a touch of coconut, and not obnoxiously sweet either. It’s refreshing but not amazing, and I think I may even prefer David’s current summer offering, Coconut Ice.

Lastly, I think I need a bigger jug. Now with my mom getting into teas (yay!), the 1 litre waiting for us in the morning doesn’t last very long, and it’s getting rather difficult getting through these 25° C+ days with just two cups of cold brew!

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