drank After Eight by Pluck
1792 tasting notes

I am that fortunate individual with whom MissB shared this desserty blend. I am always on the hunt for good chocolate mint blends, and especially a tasty chocolate mint rooibos/honeybush blend since I love Zen Tea’s but they got rid of a lot of other blends I like, making an order from there not as worthwhile anymore.

This would have to be my second favourite chocolate mint rooibos blend. They were rather generous with the peppermint leaves which is probably why this one comes closest to Zen’s (which is loaded with peppermint leaves). The cacao bean pieces in here also sets this apart from other blends. Sure, the rooibos blend is a little too woody and prominent for my liking, but still, in comparison to others, such as DAVIDsTEA’s, the chocolate mint flavouring is at least more prominent than the base itself.

Thank yo so much to MissB for passing down a ridiculously generous amount of this!

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