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I had a lovely visit at DAVIDsTEA earlier today. The Halloween tin email prodded me to slap on some makeup and head out the door. You also get an adorable reusable bag if you spend $35, and I coincidentally spent $35.11 without trying, so win! The tin is beyond cute too. I filled it up with 120g of Chocolate Maca-Doom (AKA Macaroon, yo). It was a delight to see that one a part of the promotion. Also grabbed 50g of the Pumpkin Pie matcha and 10-15g of a few new ones. I keep eyeing that light sky leaf Perfect Mug , by the way. Don’t let me get it! I picked up the glass hibiscus one when it went on sale a few months ago so the madness needs to end sometime.

And what’s this that the stores don’t have bulk Swampwater? Boo-urns.

Oh yeah, and I laughed pretty freaking hard at Pumpkin Die (Chai) in the store.

Anyway, I got 8g of this and dumped it all into the infuser basket because it’s an odd amount (not enough for two but a little more than I’d usually put in a Perfect Mug). I left this brewing for like ten minutes because I got distracted with life and as I cautiously approached the mug to lift out the infuser, I could already tell through the glass that it was murky AF so I knew I would be in for a scary ride.

First sip warranted a, “How is this tea?” aloud despite being home alone. Ok ok, fine. How is this a tisane even? I just. No. It’s so cloyingly sweet. Before I added milk, that initial sip made my mouth contort uncontrollably because it didn’t even know how to react to the wrongness. Coffee sure, but maybe a Vietnamese coffee gone off?

Adding milk softens the blow a bit, but it still has that overwhelming chemical sweetness you get from other blends like Red Velvet Cake. Like pseudo-sugar poison. Am I drinking a mocha Yankee candle?

What makes me even sadder is realizing that this mug of tea cost me $1.28, so I’m forcing myself to drink this all because surely there must be some sort of useful electrolytes and vitamins hiding away in this hot mess.

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