drank Mocha Rocha by TeaTaxi
1792 tasting notes

If you’re looking for a mocha blend, right off the bat, I’m going to make this clear. You won’t find that here. This is more like a caramel rooibos than anything else. There’s supposed to be hazelnut in here and I’m not picking up on any nuttiness either. Granted, it could be because the base is ultra strong. I’m tasting mostly rooibos with a hint of caramel. It’s nice with milk but nothing extraordinary.

Whoa, I sound bitter. It’s actually ok, really. My brain’s just fried from spending the last hour filling out those surveys from various receipts (and of course I never win!). This did keep tantalizing me with its wafting caramel aroma as I was clicking buttons and what not, but each sip left me a little disappointed.

Ok weird, quick edit. My last sip had a shot of coffee in it, where you get all of that sediment at the bottom. That’s about it. Ok, I’m truly done this time.

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