The first time I tried this, I wasn’t that impressed. With a splash of milk, I got mostly the honeybush base with cinnamon, then a hint of pineapple. I wondered how this could possibly resemble carrot cake in any way.

This second time around, I made the remainder as a latte and it’s a lot better this way. The coconut came to life, plus I’m detecting a little more cinnamon, and that base is more subdued. I also cheated. Earlier today, I found some Jordan’s Skinny Mixes sugar-free whipped latte foam topping in caramel, so I added a couple pumps to this. That probably played a role in the improvement, even though I tend to not like adding sweetener, especially artificial sweetener. It seems pretty good!

In the end, it still isn’t carrot cake or pina colada but for what it is, it made a good night cap.

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