Round two of this tea. My boyfriend and I gave this a whirl yesterday without any additives. The dry leaf smells like an almond cookie more so than marzipan, perhaps.

Steeped, the base is slightly astringent and the almond translates more as almond extract than a roasted almond. My boyfriend observed how the almond flavour comes out more as this cools, and I totally agree.

Today, I’m trying it with a splash of 2% milk, which is pairing super well with the almond note. I still wouldn’t describe this as marzipan since it tends to be warmer and softer in its scent profile, almost almond-vanilla-y. This is still more almond extract that has been lightly sweetened. So again, like an almond cookie or biscotti.

I’m thinking this would make a fantastic latte! Should try that next time.

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