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I am going to marry this tea.

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drank Jasmine Chun Hao by Adagio Teas
1116 tasting notes

As far as jasmine green teas go, this is pretty much what I think of as the “default” flavor. It’s floral without being perfume-y, but kind of bitter unless you add something to sweeten it. Not one that I’d go out of my way to get, but I enjoy it quite a bit just because I love jasmine.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1116 tasting notes

About half and half Teavana Matevana and Adagio Blueberry.

Not much more to say other than that. It just tasted like Matevana with blueberry flavoring.

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This is a nice little blend, sweet but tart. It might not be a traditional approach to Christmas, but the combination of spices nonetheless provides a nice warmth in the cold of winter. Weirdly, even though there’s nothing resembling caramel in here, that’s one thing it makes me think of — I wish I had some caramel tea so I could try out the combo!

Unfortunately, there’s also a weird, bitter undertone, kind of like licorice jelly beans that REALLY kills the taste for me unless I try very hard to ignore it. I suspect it’s the star anise, so I’m going to see if taking that out will improve the flavor. If not, I guess this isn’t right for me — but I’m sure there are others to whom that would appeal, and to them I recommend this tisane wholeheartedly.

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I recently noticed that Mom’s Apple Pie by DavidsTea sounds similar to this one — perhaps they’re the same? Or one is inspired by the other? I don’t really know how these things work. In any case, it means that this wonderful tea or one close to it has been experienced by about a zillion more people than I thought, and for that I am glad.

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drank Peachberry Jasmine Sutra by Teavana
1116 tasting notes

The lukewarm reviews on this one surprised me — this is one of my favorites! It’s about half dried fruit, and thus the flavor is more peach and strawberry than jasmine, but they mix together well. I’ve tried mixing other jasmine teas with fruit and it hasn’t worked out very well, so I’m glad Teavana can do it for me.

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drank Chestnut by Adagio Teas
1116 tasting notes

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• green teas
• floral notes of all kinds
• dessert teas

• licorice
• heavy spice

Quick summary of ratings:

90s: Outstanding, definite rebuy
80s: Very good, doesn’t blow me away
70s: Good, but some type of flaw
60s: All right, worth a taste
50s: Not so great, but drinkable
40s and below: Various levels of dislike to hate. It just depends on how gross I think it is.



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