drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
200 tasting notes

Before all the hype about this tea, I just wanted it because it was a Chanukah tea. It could have been a totally unappealing flavor, and I would have still wanted it because it’s a Chanukah tea. It really doesn’t take much to market to me, eh? But then this tea was getting all rave reviews so I knew I HAD to try it. They sold out of this tea pretty quickly during Black Friday, but lucky the lovely Jackie T was able to send me some so I could see firsthand what this tea was about.

This tea is very nice, and I’m not the biggest fan of black teas. You can taste the marshmallow in there, definitely. I’m not sure if I like it hot or cool better- both are really good. Plus, it looks so sparkly and shimmery. I don’t know if it’s an every day tea for me, but it’s definitely a good desert tea.

Hopefully this tea will inspire other tea makers to come up with other Chanukah teas. I’m lovin’ all the Chanukah love.

Jackie O

Teas with visual appeal suck me in…it was the sparkles in this that got me :p

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Jackie O

Teas with visual appeal suck me in…it was the sparkles in this that got me :p

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So the short story is, a few years ago I was VERY MUCH into tea. And then a lot of things happened, and I got out of tea for a while. And now, I’m back.ⁿ

To me, tea is the missing puzzle piece for my healthy lifestyle. When I drink tea I am encouraged to eat healthy and be active. I drink tea because I simply enjoy the taste, but the health aspects are just an added bonus.

I love all types of teas, although greens and oolongs tend to be my favorite. I’ll drink herbals if I’m feeling a little under the weather. And recently I’ve been getting more into young shengs (also chasing that elusive “cha qi”).

Unless otherwise stated, I drink my teas straight. I’ve been doing gongfu mostly these days, so I use a ceramic gaiwan with an electric kettle. For greens and some oolongs, I’ll do a western style with a glass mug or regular infuser. I try to specify if my brewing parameters are outside the norm.

I’m kinda strict when rating my teas. I rarely give a tea above a 95. Teas that I really like I keep in the 95-85 category. I’ve yet to give a tea 100 yet. So, if you see a tea about 95, that means I thought it was an amazing tea!

ⁿ – Note: I did step away from tea for a while.. again. But now I’m back for REALZ. Usually I have to put this interest on hold when real life takes over, so I’m hoping for no major life events these days.


Florida, United States

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